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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

Donna gets serious-looking, stands up, and sits next to him. She crosses her legs (the wrong direction, I might add, if I've learned anything from the US body language expert, but maybe the director isn't quite as well-read of celebrity tabloids as I am) and touches her hair, which seems to make Josh ask her if she'd like another drink. She just tells him no, stands up, and walks to the elevator. Josh finally -- FINALLY -- gets it, throws back one last bit of liquid courage, and bangs his glass down to the credits.

Josh is lying in bed and opens his eyes. The lilting music of post-coital hilarity tinkles in the background. He turns his head quietly and sees the back of a naked Donna behind him. After staring a moment as if to make sure she's real, he turns back and bites the pillow a teeny bit. 3:03 AM. He rolls back over and starts to do the fake date stretch to stroke her hair but chickens out, and his movement wakes Donna. She turns and glances, also sees his back, and gets up. Captioning tells me the bed creaks. Once she's in the bathroom, Josh is lightning-fast putting on his boxers and does a little dance to get his shirt on to head in. Isn't that a bit presumptuous? On first viewing, I held my breath a little afraid on what he'd walk in on. He strikes a pose at the door, then opens to find Donna pulling on her skirt and wearing a white bra and looking...well, Vavoom. And thank goodness the writers have a less realistic imagination than I do about when someone gets up from bed and heads to the restroom. They're charmingly awkward and Donna's got a shy little smile as she gets dressed. They make small talk, and Josh tells her she doesn't have to leave. "I know," she replies. "I mean, you don't have to sneak out," he tells her. She replies this time in full annoyed volume -- rather than shy we've-just-seen-each-other-naked speak -- "I wasn't." She gives him a look, and he comments that he didn't want to make it awkward, but he just did. Really, though, would it be Josh if he didn't? I feel like "suave" would be out of character.

Donna tells Josh she's just checking news sites, and has the laptop fired up on the counter. He asks, "In a sweater?" She replies, "For warmth." On the one hand, yeah, getting fully dressed immediately can send a message of sorts. On the other hand -- first time they've hooked up, it's not really odd that she wouldn't want to be hanging out in the altogether just yet while she checks up on work. She turns to the computer, and Josh looks at himself in the mirror over her shoulder, grabs a tube of toothpaste, and sucks a teensy bit down. I must say, good idea! That's a good quick fix for next time I find myself somewhere without my toothbrush. I mean, which I never, ever do, Mom. A good idea IN THEORY. Phew, that was close. Josh is still gazing over Donna's shoulder and might be about to smell her hair when she abruptly turns and offers to get them coffee. He takes the moment to get soft and serious and asks how she's feeling, and gets a very different reply than hoped for: "Like I really want to win this thing." After she walks away, Josh looks...disappointed, bummed, confused? A combo of all three, really. Finally, he answers to the mirror: "Coffee would be great. I take cream and..." "Three sugars, I know," she finishes his sentence.

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