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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

Lou is watching news coverage of Vinick voting in Santa Paula. Otto comes in and brings a Red Bull and muffin. "Breakfast." "Are we going steady?" she asks snidely. He points out, a little defensively, "You called me." She replies, "The speeches." He's done with both the win and lose version and they've been proofed, but she wants one more in case they don't sweep the Hispanic popular vote. Otto agrees, and sits and stares. "Are you waiting for a hug or something?" she asks quite meanly. He sucks his lip and looks down, nods, and heads out. Poor Otto. Is this is very first non-romantic hookup?

In Vinick's office, Jane narrates that the rest of the polls are now open. Just to be difficult and push her buttons, Bob points out Hawaii and Alaska aren't, and she smoothly replies, "The two states on which the outcome of the presidential race so often depends." On the TV, they suddenly see all of the news coverage switch from Vinick to Santos going to vote.

This switches us back to the Central Time Zone, where Bram calls Josh a genius while on the phone. Bram reports on the speech the night before, and then tells Josh that Santos is relaxed. Josh: "You're...kidding?" "No, it's kind of a weird calm." Santos and staff are going to the house and will have exit polls in two hours. As Bram prattles on about...travel, maybe, Josh tells him to hold on, and watches his TV screen. It's switched to a really hokey map of the U.S. with weather on each of the quadrants -- it looks kind of like one from a kindergarten teacher's bulletin board -- where Josh sees something and runs out. What your noble recapper did not see is that it's raining in Boston, so Josh is, once again, freaking out. Once again, however, his staff is prepared. They have volunteers with umbrellas, extra drive time radio (courtesy of Lou), etc. She takes this moment to wind Josh up even more when she says she was just in the elevator with a man who didn't know it was Election Day. Oh goodness, Josh responds by immediately calling someone named Jeremy on his cell (wasn't Bram still holding on there, by the way? Did he ever hang up? I didn't ever see him hang up) to "ride the elevator for a few hours" and remind people to vote. Even while pedeconferencing, Lou is able to hang her head and then pretend to bang it softly against a wall a couple of times. I can't tell if Josh is just too nervous, or if he's feeling useless since his team is working well and just trying to pretend he still has a hand in things. It's probably a healthy combo of both.

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