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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

Otto runs up with the Hispanic-vote speech, and Josh mumbles about all sorts of outcomes while Lou breaks it down and sends Otto to write yet two more -- win electoral/lose popular and win popular/lose electoral. Josh is now pacing and chewing on his Treo as everyone else heads to their various tasks. As he stands chewing alone in the hallway, a guy gets off the elevator and Josh makes him really nervous by saying, "Hey." I was about to make a crack to the effect that Josh is many great things, but that intimidating isn't one of them. But on second thought, I'd be nervous too, the way his eyes are practically rolling back in his head right now. Poor timid Drew tells Josh that Bram put him in charge of the party that night. Josh pats him on the back and sends him on his way, but then right after Drew has actually let out a discreet sigh of relief to get past him, Josh runs back to ask to go along.

12:55 EST, White House. It's Charlie! He enters the hallway with giant stack of notebooks (and sporting an "I voted" sticker) when C.J. intercepts and tells him, "If you're heading towards my office with those, you should rethink your course." Charlie will not be deterred, merely telling her he's holding "illustrious job offers." C.J. only wants election news, but there's nothing -- no exit polls yet. Charlie gets right back on course: "Margaret's been setting up meetings with potential employers. I took it upon myself to do some research." I want Charlie as MY assistant! C.J. doesn't seem as pleased, freaking out that she does not want meetings until January. It seems, however, that November is when January meetings are scheduled for CEOs. C.J. looks like she might vomit. Charlie forges on, listing Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, SBC (I suppose this scene was filmed before they became AT&T once again). She interrupts the list to ask, "Do you really think today is the day for this?" Without missing a beat, Charlie continues: "One has offices in Prague, though you have to be fluent in Czech. Another one, a company jet. Not Air Force One, but not bad. A lot of them have great stock options, something you should look into. Suckers could be worth something someday." Charlie should clearly go into sales after this. "Not Air Force One, But Not Bad" is what I want my tagline to be if I ever start an airline. It's like that horrible old Jennifer Aniston movie where she plays the ad exec and they're pushing Gulden's Mustard, "#2...And That Ain't Bad!" I didn't just admit that I've seen that movie, did I? What movie? Where? What's going on? C.J. has been glaring fiercely and, at the advice about stock options, she slams her papers down on the desk. After a moment of fierce staring, Charlie nods and leaves. C.J. walks into the Oval Office. There, she takes a moment to look around sadly, alone in the quiet, before heading back to her office and gently closing the door.

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