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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

11:55 AM CST. From the ballroom comes the sound of a guitar. Drew brags that 3,000 have been invited to the party. Helpful Josh counters, "30,000 will try to make it through the door." Drew points out Security's measures to handle that. Josh doesn't have a comeback, because he's distracted by the band, realizing that it's the Foo Fighters. He (and I) are corrected, "Foo Fighters...well it's not The Foo Fighters." This is the battle you choose to wage with Josh? Interesting choice when he looks like a madman. Josh gives Drew a withering stare, so he moves on to tell Josh the party plans. Josh muses, "I love...Foo fighters." They start playing, he yells, "These guys voted, right?" but before Drew has to handle that one -- which I suspect Josh really wanted an answer to -- he answers his ringing phone. It's Donna, who sweetly tells him she's been looking for him. Josh launches into an awkward and sincere "Yeah, I didn't know if you needed some space, or..." She interrupts him and saves him from the rest of that by telling him they have the first exit polls. He literally runs from the room, and when Drew notices, he sprints after him. I feel like there should have been cartoon dust kicked up at that point. There's a loving close-up of Dave Grohl playing with a slightly too-short haircut.

House of Santos. 12:17 CST. Matt and Helen walk inside wearing their own "I voted" stickers, and it's as quiet as a tomb. It turns out that the kids are in school, which baffles Matt. In his best "duh" voice, he remarks, "Kind of a big day." I'm about to get on my high horse and agree when Helen quietly points out, "They'll be home by 3." I swing my leg back over and lower myself back to the ground. Matt looks all cute and shrugs and grins, "What do I do here all day?" It's very aw-shucks-golly-gee!, but has the effect of making me want to jump on him. Helen suggests sleep, but Matt laughs it off as impossible, at which point she takes my idea and starts making out with him. "Then we'll find something else to do," she tells him.

Josh walks through the door to the war room. Lou announces that she got him something, and gives a box. He asks if it's a gift, and she just says, "Whatever." "Blue markers!" he exclaims. It turns out that they're in the game in the South, and that military voters are picking Santos. Donna's the wet blanket who asks, "We're only up by six in Massachusettes? Isn't that a little low?" A chorus of "It's raining" answers her. The camera circles, giving everyone a chance to deliver delighted results, and Otto remarks, "I think we can put most of the Northeast in our pocket." Lou barks, "Hey! Cautious optimism." That's actually nicer than what I thought she could possibly yell at him. Maybe Lou's becoming a softie. Everyone wanders off, and Donna watches Josh reading the poll results. She smiles and drops her eyes to the results, remarking, "Your face is frozen in an odd way." "Unattractively?" he clarifies. "Not entirely," she says with a sidelong glance. Sidelong glances! Sex! They both start with...I might know what's coming! Josh tells her, "I think my head's gonna explode." Donna coyly suggests a "walk or something. Try to de-stress a little before the next numbers come out." She slides her jaw, and looks up at him from under her hair: "Want to take a walk? Or something?" And with that, she heads out. Josh looks up and furrows, which is apparently his stock reaction to any situation -- surprise, stress...booty.

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