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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

The Vinick Office, meanwhile, is featuring much less giggling. Everyone is shouting orders, Bruno is also worried about Minnesota numbers, and finally Bruno asks, "I shouldn't worry, right?" Bob tells him he shouldn't, and Bruno seems to switch his watch from one wrist to the other as Jane watches. Bruno notices and explains, "Superstitious. One of my Election Day good luck routines." "'One of'?" Jane asks. "You met Carrie already," Bruno deadpans. Oh my.

A shot to the news coverage of Vinick still campaigning carries back to the Santos camp. Josh is in a tizzy because they only knew that Vinick had plans for voting and breakfast. Now it turns out he's making stops across the state. Josh wants to get Santos there, but it's truly too late. Edie and Ronna point out that California is also a hair too big -- just a hair -- for Santos to go and individually reach undecided voters. "That's what Vinick's doing!" Josh screeches. They run down the whole game plan again. Josh asks about Leo, and Edie reports that he had a great affect in Akron. Ronna tries to assure him that everything is fine. Teddy enters to say, "Well, I think we already have. New exit polls are in."

3:30 CST, Santos house. Bram narrates the poll results as he gets them over the phone, and is completely excited. Helen comes downstairs and he reports the results to her; for one of the first times that I can remember, she actually looks happy. However, she then sighs, and a look crosses her face, like, "Oh my god this is really real," and she walks away. Bram seems tentative as he calls after her, "Um, you want to tell him or should I?" Helen tells Bram Santos is asleep. "Really?" "Really." Bram, thinking the candidate would like to know how his election is going, asks if they should wake him, but Helen tells him to let Matt sleep until the kids get home. Bram is so stunned that he does a little dance while gaping like a fish, wanting desperately to protest.

Bob is at the Vinick Office reporting the same results, less happily. Donna is on TV in the background, happily chatting away about Santos's success in the Dakotas. Bruno is still convinced that something about the poll numbers is not right.

Teddy reports his own projections about their electoral votes, which excite everyone. Edie comments, "Nuclear accident came in handy." Jane is on TV doing spin, and Lou and Annabeth watch with tilted heads, baffled. Lou cracks that, clearly, the Vinick campaign didn't see the exit polls. Annabeth adds, "They call it 'spin' for a reason...hey, how's that adolescent part of you feeling now?" "Happier," Lou replies. Before any elaboration, Edie asks if Lou heard the junior staffers talking about how to decorate their White House offices. Lou flies into a rage and heads off to kick some advance-team ass. She passes Josh, who's still going over the numbers,

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