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Election Day, Part II

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Vinick is still watching the news and announces that if he loses California, he's packing up and heading home. Bruno asserts that he's not going to lose, Bob starts the ever-helpful musing about where they should have spent more time, Jane adds in her special flavor of bickering with a heaping helping of negativity, and then it comes back to Bruno to be the reluctant cheerleader, saying they did all that they could. Bob points out that they can challenge the results in court, but Bruno contests, "They'll laugh you out of the courthouse." The noise in the room increases, everyone trying to interrupt everyone else, but Vinick is silent, and then declares, "Everybody, shut up." Arnold Vinick, marry me. He states that the reason they're weak is not Leo, but San Andreo. Bob tries to counter that it isn't the reason they were weak elsewhere, but Vinick is having none of it, and names circumstance and history as deciding the outcome of this election. Sheila is still in the room -- I had no idea, because I didn't hear her in the fray, but that might have just been Jane's incessant bleating. Sheila can obviously read Vinick better than anyone, and stays silent. Bob tells Vinick that Hodder is holding a meeting now -- he desperately wants to talk to the lawyers -- but Vinick just wants a direct number for Santos at the ready. Jane refuses, but Vinick insists that he'll call Santos as soon as California is called. Suddenly looking around, Vinick also asks for his daughter, and is told she's upstairs with his grandkids. Bruno breaks in to order them to turn up the TV, which announces a late Vinick surge.

Filing back into the war room from the singing, Santos HQ hears the same thing. And with that, the talking heads call California for Vinick. Oregon and Nevada are the only states left without a verdict; to win, Santos must claim both of them. Josh orders all of the campaign's lawyers mobilized there immediately, Santos manages a nervous grimace at Helen, and they all scuttle off.

3:30 AM CST. The ballroom crowd is alternately napping and reading, and there's a whole lot of news coverage narration recapping the two remaining states and the possible legal brouhaha to follow. We're gonna need a montage! Everyone's doing a lot of highlighting and murmuring. Vinick is watching on his couch as his daughter and granddaughters sleep on the sofa next to him. Helen types away on the computer. Fine! I get it! We're waiting! Even I'm bored. Lou and Bram enter, and Santos asks if the concession speech is ready, but she only replies that he won't need it. Ignoring her, he asks that they make sure to assure the public that the loss is not a racial issue, to which Lou agrees, and as she walks out, Santos tells Bram to get the number for Vinick. Wow, this all sounds so similar to something I just typed up from another candidate's hotel room. Out in the hall, Lou runs up to Bram, all munchkin-like, and orders him to check with her before giving Santos the number. Bram, in a dim moment, explains beseechingly that Santos asked for it, and I love Lou for saying "If I didn't know what he said, why would I tell you to ignore it?" Yeah, Bram.

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