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Election Day, Part II

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Bruno's pouring coffee, which Bob comments on. Wait a second, is this to tell us that they have been up and might be tired? Bruno: "I was just going to mainline adrenaline. Couldn't find a clean needle." Bruno seems really not amused. They sit down, and Bob offers that they should go into business after the election: "Ying and Yang Political Consultants, Inc. Our motto can be, 'It ain't about the ideals, it's about the money, stupid.'" Bruno actually chuckles: "Pithy -- you don't think it might scare off prospective clients?" Bob: "Only the neophytes. We'd be fighting off five-term congressmen with a stick." Soberly, he adds, "Seriously, we should talk about it." Bruno seems surprised that Bob wouldn't stay with Vinick, but when he starts listing the perks of working in a Vinick administration -- such as a tiny cubicle -- his opinion of the job becomes clear. Bob says that he much prefers the competition to making things work in office. Bruno tells him sincerely, "Thanks. But I am done." He wants to go to Essex County, to his big house, where he can plant flowers. Bob's face mirrors mine: his eyebrows actually seem to hover above his hairline, he's so skeptical, but damned if Bruno doesn't at least sound serious this very moment.

The Crisis Legal Excitable Team, or whatever they're called, are discussing all the potential legal action they can take if Santos loses. Santos is drinking coffee; I guess he's listening. Lou points out that if they win, they can expect to be hit with legal action. Goodwin and another guy volley back and forth, testing their possible arguments about shenanigans, while Josh and Santos just exchange a look over their heads. Everyone else seems to be grasping at the legal solution, but Santos seems disgusted: "Well, if that's how I win, that gives me a mandate for, what, chasing ambulances?" There's pounding on the door, and Bram runs in all ruffled to say that they won Oregon. Moyer is talking again and delivering just a horrible, embarrassing pun: "But what happens in Nevada tonight certainly won't STAY in Nevada." Kids, that's called "trying too hard to be funny."

Watching the same horrific wordplay on television in the Vinick camp, there's a lot of pacing, worrying, and self-flagellation. Sheila tells Vinick that they've got lawyers to demand a recount. Vinick asserts, "No." Bruno tries to add a point and only gets another "No." Sheila tries to assure Vinick that this isn't a frivolous lawsuit he's been speaking against, and as he agrees, she counters that this is merely about making sure the right person won the election. Meanwhile, Jane looks on incredulously. She is such a massive waste of space in this scene. Bruno continues his argument, but Vinick wants the last word: "I'll be a winner, or I'll be a loser. But I won't be a sore loser." But he will not have the last word, as Bruno assures him that, if he wins, the Democrats will file a lawsuit. (Ah, the old "I jumped off the cliff because he did" routine. "But Mo-ooom, they were going to file the lawsuit FIRST!") Sheila tells Vinick that if he doesn't challenge, that he'll regret it for the rest of his life.

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