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Election Day, Part II

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One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

The mood is somber in Vinick's room, where he's asked if he really doesn't want to call on the waiting lawyers. Vinick: "You really think it's a counting error? Anyone know how many Hispanics live in Nevada now?" Bob classily replies by asking if he knows how many of those are illegal. Everyone is staring at Vinick, and he finally just sits back. He's resigned, and tells them, "Get the President-Elect on the phone. I want to congratulate him." Everyone stares at him as if he's not really sure what he's saying, but he seems resigned and sure.

The ballroom is chaotic. Lou calls for attention to introduce the new President-Elect. In the crowd, Bram tells Santos that his speech is on the podium. Santos thanks him, "for everything." Bram looks proud and tells him, "This is the best thing I've ever done in my life." Santos happily replies, "I think we may find a way to top it." As Lou introduces the next President and First Lady, Helen hides her head a second but is grinning as she turns back around and they ascend the stage. It's nice to see her really genuinely happy for her husband -- that's something that's been missing for a while. U2's "Beautiful Day" plays, and the best part of this scene is that my captions are showing the lyrics for "Beautiful Day," but for a completely different verse than what is actually playing.

Vinick is in his hotel room, alone and washing his face as he hears Santos thank him on television and ask the crowd to give him a hand: "Arnie Vinick made this a better campaign, and he's made this a better country, for all of us." Vinick takes a deep breath, a man saddened by the end of the road. As Santos continues to speak, Josh is in the war room, which looks...well, like a war hit it. He colors Nevada blue and tallies the total on the whiteboard to show Santos as the winner. Donna is walking by and stops in the doorway when she sees Josh and just quietly observes. He stands and contemplates, and walks forward, not to Donna (who I'm not sure he's seen) but to a bulletin board with photos from the campaign tacked up, including one featuring Leo with arms upraised and that great smile. Santos says, "God bless America." Josh whispers, "Thanks, Boss." And I get a little bit misty. Again.

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