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Election Day, Part II

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One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

In a limo presumably headed for the hotel, Bram lets both Santoses know that they're going in the tunnel through the back to avoid the crowd. Josh calls Bram and tells him about Minnesota, so Bram hands the phone to Santos, telling him it's good news. Santos picks up, and Josh announces, "Bad news." Santos quips, "If you guys are trying to play good cop/bad cop, your routine needs some work." Josh tells him that they have to rewrite the speech to add "sacrifice and burden sharing instead of sunshine and light." Josh is apologizing and blaming himself for the lack of doom and gloom in the speech as Santos keeps trying to interrupt to tell him to not worry: "You want something to worry about, worry about the next two hours." Oh, that's right -- this thing isn't over yet.

As Josh rounds a corner, Donna comes out of one of the rooms with a strange look on her face. Josh, faux-annoyed, asks, "Hey, what happened to you? Two minutes! 120 seconds I was stuck in there with Dull and Duller counting beads on my imaginary abacus. " Donna looks shell-shocked, and eventually Josh trails off as he realizes that the look on her face isn't good news. She says nothing, and he guesses, "Ohio?" She looks so absolutely, deeply sorry, and as if she's girding herself to say what she has to say. Josh: "Texas? We won? We lost? We need a good lawyer? What?" Donna licks her lips, and has her hands on her hips, seeming to physically to brace herself: "Leo was unconscious. In his room. Annabeth found him. He wasn't...he wasn't breathing." She's trying to keep it together, but at this, her voice cracks. "They're taking him to the hospital in an ambulance now." Josh just looks disbelieving as we roll credits.

Nighttime somewhere; a phone is placed back in its cradle. C.J. just stares out, dumbfounded. Grief and fear are mingling horribly on her face. Margaret has to call her name twice to get her attention, and C.J. turns and asks numbly if the president is in his office. Margaret sounds panicked and worried herself as she tells C.J. he is, and asks if she should get Will. I think Margaret already knows, just by the scared and serious tone in her voice. C.J. nods and pushes herself out of her chair as Margaret runs out. She makes her way to the Oval and pauses a second at the door.

Jed looks casual in a windbreaker and glasses, looking for some files in his desk. C.J. just stands in the doorway a second and makes her way in; he asks if they have results for Ohio and Texas, but she merely responds in a monotone, quiet "No sir." He goes on, while puttering around his desk, "I had to get out of Manchester. Sitting around my daughter's house watching my son-in-law take his much-deserved electoral beating without being able utter a self-satisfied whoop is a bit more than I could bear." He calls something back to Nancy about some missing files, and C.J. is just standing quietly. As he turns around, she closes her eyes a second, seeming to gather herself. Jed prattles on, but finally stops as C.J. leans in and takes a breath as if to say something. He takes off his glasses and in a completely different -- now very serious -- voice asks, "C.J., what is it?"

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