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Election Day, Part II

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Sirens are echoing in a concrete hallway as Lou meets Santos at the door. It's now 8:35 PM Central Standard Time. Santos asks how "he" is, and Lou updates him that the paramedics should have Leo at the hospital by now. Josh has left for the hospital. Lou doesn't know if Leo was talking, but when Helen asks if they should go, Lou says no, because the press doesn't know what happened yet. When Santos asks why, she explains that the west coast polls are still open, but Santos interrupts, incredulous that she wants to keep this a secret. "A whole quarter of the country is still voting," she justifies, but he replies, "And I'm asking all four quarters to trust me to be their leader. I am not hiding the health problems of my Vice-President." We've seen them next to each other before, but somehow Lou looks exceptionally tiny with Santos talking down to her so strongly. Bram leans in to warn, "This might not be the best place to have this conversation." What, yelling about Leo's heart attack in a public spot isn't the best way to keep it private? Lou starts in, and Santos walks away, saying, "I'm not having this conversation. We're issuing a statement to the press. Now." Still undeterred, Lou tries again passionately: "Congressman, this is still a campaign, and there's only two kinds: the pitiless and the dead. Every minute we stand here, votes are being cast. Undecideds vote late in the day. If they were looking for a reason to vote Vinick, a press release from us might just punch their lottery ticket." Helen agrees that it will come out soon, since they're pretty much guaranteed that someone will spill the beans. I suspect that her hair has been done with one of those weird foam bananas they sold on infomercials for a while. From the front, she looks great, but from the back her hair looks half great, half like a weapon. Helen and Lou talk back and forth until Lou finally says, more gently, "I know he's your friend; he's my friend too. But we can't be sentimental about this or we will have a Republican president." At this, her brows knit, and she puts emphasis on the words, as if Darth Vader might be coming to rule the United States. "...Who will gut education, he will auction off Social Security and cut taxes until we're bleeding red ink. And WHEN," she looks around, pausing pointedly, "Leo wakes up, he will kick your ass for letting that happen. You know he will." This has the desired effect, and Santos tells her to start working on a statement as their elevator stops. I love how on TV elevators are always perfectly timed with someone making a point about something.

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