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Toby glances up and notices the ultrasound image on the screen, and Andi looks too; they both hear the muffled, slightly damp-sounding "wow-wow" of the heartbeats. Toby: "Andi, you can see their..." He's leaning close to her, sort of behind and above her right shoulder. She grasps his hand and nods, "Uh huh." Toby: "...heads." Andi starts welling up, and she's not the only one. Toby: "I can see heads." Toby touches her chin as she cries and laughs and puts her hand to her mouth. He turns his head toward the wall behind her, resting his cheek against her hair. Aw, just kiss already! Andi blinks back some tears. Yeah, me too. Sorry, I know some of you think this storyline is too soapy but I happen to love it -- and I'm not a soap fan. It's my favourite storyline on the show all season -- not that I've had so many to choose from, but I adore this. I love the idea of these two together -- they have plenty of chemistry. I love the idea of at least one couple on this show being happy together for more than five minutes. I love the idea of Toby becoming a father and having to change and grow in response to that. There's a lot more to life than besting opponents and coming up with the smartest, fastest wisecrack and it's time these people showed some signs of learning it.

4:00 PM. Bartlet: 9,438,042 votes; Writchie: 7,992,713. Wilde: 31,465; Webb: 31,117. Donna's on a street corner, Bartlet pin on her coat, making her pitch to someone: "My vote in Wisconsin is more valuable than your vote in the District. You're getting big value." The guy she's talking to asks her how she figures that. She says it's a foregone conclusion that POTUS will win here, but that Wisconsin's actually in play, and she voted for his guy. He asks how he knows that. My question is, what does it matter? If POTUS is going to win in the District no matter what Donna voted, then what good does it do her to get him another vote here? Donna says she's shown the guy her ballot, and shows it to him again. He objects that it's a photocopy. Donna: "Of course it is. The real one's in Wisconsin." Suspicious Stranger: "Well, how do I know that?" Donna says he doesn't: "This is an honour thing. This is about honour, and democracy." Suspicious Stranger says he's going to go vote, and asks her to please stop talking to him. She calls out after him: "You think I'm going to scam you? I've been out here two and half hours trying to get one vote! You think this is how I make money?"

Just then Sam comes up with two cups of coffee and says gently, "Hey, you know what? No problem shouting in public, but I think..." Donna: "Take off the Bartlet button?" Sam: "Yeah." She sighs and accepts some coffee as Sam says that Josh told him she was still out there. Isn't he sweet? He brought her coffee. What's Josh's excuse? She asks if he wants to "get a muffin." Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Sam says, "Yeah, I'll walk you." She asks what's going on. Sam says it's raining in Oregon. Donna says that Josh was talking about that before: "Apparently, all his other problems are solved." Sam explains, "If your guy's going to win big you don't want it to rain. There's less motivation anyway because of the blowout, and you have no idea how fast these things can become a race." Okay, but isn't it the case that Oregon is the only state where 100% of votes are cast by mail? Wouldn't that obviate the weather issue for most voters? Or does everyone wait until the last minute to drop theirs off in person? You know, just in case the night before the election, the incumbent is caught driving around with an open can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the car, savouring its great mountain fresh taste. You wouldn't want to have already voted in that case.

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