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Day of Jubilee

Sam and Donna arrive at the muffin cart, and Donna orders a banana muffin. It looks like Sam pays for the muffin and then confesses to Donna: "I did something last week." He spills the whole Wilde/Bailey/widow story, concluding, "I must have had too much Pabst Blue Ribbon in the bar with Will. That great mountain fresh taste must have gone to my head." Donna doesn't seem especially surprised. Sam says it didn't cost him anything: there wouldn't be an announcement unless Wilde won, and that was never going to happen: "It's like the Secretary of Agriculture saying, 'Sure, I'm ready to assume the Presidency should the eighteen who come before me die.' Why not?" Donna: "So, why not?" Sam says it's a two-point race right now. Donna says it's very exciting. They start walking again and Sam says it's not, mentioning the prospect of going back on his word to a recent widow. Donna: "Why go back on it?" Sam replies, "Because the alternative is taking ninety days off to go home, lose by twenty points to a Republican Committee Chair I hate, and never be able to run for public office for real, which is something I maybe wouldn't mind doing one day." Donna: "Once five and six o'clock roll around..." She kind of adjusts his lapel. Sam says that's exactly what he was thinking. Donna: "Except..." Sam: "What?" Donna: "There's an El Niño thing going on in Southern California today and..." Sam: "No." Donna says it's supposed to start raining in a few hours. Sam looks slightly anxious and says he's going to go back to the office. As he starts to leave, he remembers something and suggests to Donna that she give him the button. She does.

Charlie comes to find Anthony and Orlando in the Mess; he tells them they're cleared, and that they can come upstairs. Charlie warns Orlando as they start walking, "There are chairs up there that are over two hundred years old. Before you sit in one, I want to see written confirmation from the Army Corps of Engineers that it can support your girth." Charlie asks about the goat theft. He assumes it was a mascot thing. Orlando says it was sweet: "I was just the leg man. You know, Anthony's the brains." Charlie: "Yeah, it had that international-jewel-thief feel to it." Anthony wants to know what they're doing for the rest of the day. Charlie says they're playing videogames and hanging out. Anthony: "Really?" Charlie says he's voting at 8:30 and they're coming with him to watch him vote and then go home. Anthony complains and says they're not going to let him vote. "It's like my face is pressed up against the window." Charlie doesn't care. Neither do I. Orlando says he's old enough to vote. He's nineteen. Charlie asks if he's registered to vote. Orlando thinks he might be, but he doesn't know where. Charlie suggests that they find out.

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