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Day of Jubilee

8:35 PM. Bartlet: 43,994,784 votes; Writchie: 35,475,855. Wilde: 43,007; Webb: 43,210. In the bullpen, Josh blathers about some results and tells Toby they're only losing Florida by seven: "I think this is going to be bigger than we thought." Toby really could not care less: he's looking at the sonogram: "I stare at this and I stare at this and I don't know which is the boy and which is the girl." Isn't it a little early to be sure about that? Maybe he's just thinking wishfully. He adds, "I suppose that problem will take care of itself. You know, if you stare at them for a while, well, it's pretty gross, but still..." Josh rubs his forehead and interrupts, "Okay, I'm concerned that you've turned completely into another person." At that precise moment, some staffer enters the hallway around the bullpen carrying a bunch of red, white, and blue balloons. Toby: "Hey! I see one victory balloon before this thing is called and..." The staffer can be seen through the glass surrounding the bullpen, racing off as Toby hollers. Toby: "Yeah, you better run!" Heh. That's our Toby. He turns back to Josh: "Huh?" Josh, smiling to himself: "Nothing."

Charlie and Anthony take Orlando to vote for the first time. It's a pretty boring scene. We find out Orlando isn't the sharpest tool in the box, but he's a heckuva football player. Because we couldn't have gleaned all that from any of the foregoing. After he votes, he wants to go again. Hey, this isn't Space Mountain, buddy. Settle down.

Will stands outside in the parking lot glaring at the sky: "Come on!" Elsie comes out and stands near the door, yelling for him to come inside and have some food with them. There's something really weird about her line delivery. Will ignores her. It's pretty windy, and there's definitely a storm coming. Elsie runs over to Will as he throws his arms up like he's Moses trying to part the Red Sea and yells, "Now!" There's thunder, the sky opens and there's an unbelievable deluge. He turns to her in surprise and says, "Jesus!" They're both soaked to the skin immediately, and she asks, "Wow! What else can you do?" Will: "I didn't know I could do that!" He beams at her through the downpour. If you ever wanted to ask her for a date, Will, I'd say now's the time. You probably aren't going to impress her more than this.

8:59 PM. Toby wanders into the bullpen and Josh says, "It's on, you can see it." Toby: "Hey." Josh: "I'm not spitting, I'm not turning around. Union households are beating non-union households in some of these districts." Carol tells C.J. she has a call. C.J. takes it, listens for a brief moment, and says "thanks." As she hangs up and zooms off, Josh asks what that was about. She says he'll see in a minute. Carol announces that it's nine o'clock, and everyone cheers.

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