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Josh and Red are at the next floor now, and he tells her to punch the box next to the candidate you prefer once, and nothing else. He starts to walk away, but she keeps up with him and says, "I'm sorry, one more thing: I have a message from Toby Ziegler." Red repeats her comment. Josh stops and looks puzzled: "You know Toby?" She says, "He says...'ten dollars.'" She holds up a bill. Behind her, Plaid Shirt, Glasses, Knitted Cloche and Escalator Lady have gathered to wave at Josh as it dawns on him. He says, all dimply as heck, "I see. You guys are a little troupe. A little acting troupe, with a U." Plaid Shirt approaches him and says, "Yes, sir, we are. Can I give you a card?" Josh: "No." Plaid Shirt replies, "Mr. Ziegler said you were a little edgy on election days, so just to show there are no hard feelings, how about if I go down there and vote for the President right now?" Josh thinks that would be nice, as he turns to leave. Plaid Shirt asks, "Do you happen to know if I need to be...I don't know, pre-registered or something?" Josh stops, his expression weary, then bursts through the doors in front of him and shouts, "Yes!" Credits. Sorkin writes some pretty good pranks, and that would have been much more amusing if it hadn't been so obviously signalled by the "previouslies" that you could use it to bring in a 747 in a snowstorm. If I were him, I'd be pretty mad at whoever thought that was a good idea.

10:00 AM. Senior staff and a few others are meeting in the Roosevelt Room to discuss Bartlet-Hoynes balloons and banners for the expected victory celebrations. Sam doesn't want to see any displays of partisanship, and nixes everything but the American flag. C.J. says she's using the Seal, and that she's putting House and Senate Leadership up there. Sam says, "No balloons, no confetti." C.J. wants to know why. Sam says it's not a party. It's not? When you get re-elected Grand Poobah of the Greatest Superpower Ever, it's not a party? C.J. insists that it's a party. Sam says, "It is, but we won. We don't have to pander." Toby: "Please don't say that." C.J.: "On your birthday, don't we pander to you?" Sam -- quietly to C.J., with just the right amount of suggestiveness (i.e., not too much): "Not as much I'd like." Toby, from the other end of the table: "I'm not kidding." C.J.: "What are you babbling about?" Toby says they haven't won anything yet. C.J. says that the speech is done. Toby says that two speeches are done, and indicates that he wrote one for Bartlet to give if he wins and one for him to give if he loses. Sam: "You wrote a concession?" Of course he did. We know how Toby hates to tempt fate. Toby: "What, do you want to tempt the wrath of the...whatever, from high atop the thing?" Bwah! This is probably my favourite line all season. Sam: "No." Toby: "Then go outside, turn around three times, and spit! What the hell's the matter with you?" I love Toby when he gets religious, superstitious, or metaphysical. Sam chuckles to himself as he sits down, "It's, like, twenty-five degrees outside." Being Canadian, I mentally calculate what that is in Celsius, which Frink taught me to do, so I can figure out that it's about -4 degrees Celsius. Which is rather warmer than it is here right now, let me tell you. Toby: "Go!"

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