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Josh arrives. C.J. can't wait, she puts on some foreign accent and says, "Oh, Mr. Lyman, I see your picture in the magazine. Tell me, if I swallow my ballot, does it still..." Josh grins and replies, "A little Election Day humour, that's great." Sam tells Josh that Toby wrote a concession speech. Josh wonders what possible reason Toby would have for not writing a concession speech. Sam: "The wrath from high atop the thing." Toby, to Josh: "He upped [sic] and said we were gonna..." He doesn't complete the sentence for obvious reasons. Sam shrugs. Josh hollers at Sam, "No, you gotta go outside, turn around three times, and curse." Toby: "Spit." Josh: "Spit! And curse." Toby: "Do everything. Go!" They both start barking, "Go!" at Sam. Sam finally gives in, gets up and leaves, thinking that despite their reputations, Californians couldn't possibly be any flakier than this. Hope none of the press photographers is hanging around outside when he performs this little ritual. Josh says, "These things have a half-life, you know, you can't just..." Toby wants to know when they're meeting next. Ed says the first round of exits is at 11:00 AM. Toby says they'll meet then unless there's a reason to meet earlier. Where the heck is Bruno? I mean, I long ago gave up thinking we'd see Shrug or Connie around, but you'd think Bruno might be around to gloat, if nothing else. As the meeting breaks up, C.J. asks to speak to Toby.

Walking to Toby's office, C.J. says there's a little bit of trouble for him. They close the door and C.J. starts, "Listen, I know better than to stick my face in your personal life, except, you know, for sport..." It turns out that Roll Call has found out from the Office of Congress's Attending Physician that Andi's pregnant. Toby wonders when they started doing more than flu vaccinations. C.J. explains they need updated medical records, and Roll Call will connect the dots: "It's gonna be bad for her and bad for you." Toby: "You mean bad for us." C.J. says she can handle the "us" part, but wants to know what Andi's plan is. Toby doesn't know; he says they haven't talked about it. That stretches credulity, doesn't it? He works in the West Wing, she's a Congresswoman, they're divorced and she's pregnant and they haven't discussed the image and spin issues? Rating on the Credulity Strain-o-Meter: 7. Speaking of Andi's being a Congresswoman, shouldn't there be some mention of her needing to campaign for herself, even just a little? Maybe she's uncontested or something, but an offhand reference to that would have helped. C.J. says that Andi has to be "proactive," which is one of my least favourite non-words. Toby knows. C.J. softly says, "It would be nice if we could announce a wedding." Toby: "I'm working on that, thanks." C.J. ascertains that he'll speak to Andi, and then leaves.

Outside his office, C.J. runs into Sam and asks, "Did you..." Sam: "Yes, I turned, I cursed, I spat, it froze." C.J. calls out as she disappears, "You can't be too careful." Sam, mostly to himself: "I think you can." Bonnie tells Sam that Will Bailey's on the phone. Sam sings "Bill Bailey" to himself, substituting "Will" for "Bill." He picks up the phone and says, "Sancho, how you doing?" Will: "I'm Sancho?" Sam says he is. Will says okay. He tells Sam he's got exit polls showing the Democrats are winning. Sam wants to give Will "a nickel's worth of free advice," and tells him that Democrats vote early, as do "die-hards." Sam wants Will to call in every hour. Sam comes out and asks Bonnie if Democrats vote early. She agrees that they do. He asks Ginger about Democrats and die-hards and she agrees that they vote early, too. Sam: "Okay." He wanders off.

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