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Day of Jubilee

Charlie, Anthony, and Orlando all walk off together. Charlie says, "This is the White House. Frederick Douglass came here. Mondays through Fridays, we wear coats and ties." Charlie taps Anthony with a file folder and says, "That goes for you too, Mugsy." Anthony: "Hey Charlie, not for nothing but just so you know, some of your higher-end places provide a jacket for you." "Not for nothing"? He's clearly been hanging out with this crowd for a while. Next he'll be saying, "Orlando, maybe not so much for you with the Pabst." Oops! Pabst Blue Ribbon. Charlie tells him he's confusing the White House with the Friar's Club. Well, with all the comedy around here, you can see how he might. Charlie tells Anthony that the people Charlie works with are serious people; he warns Anthony and Orlando not to embarrass him. Orlando: "You got it, boss." Just then, they pass a doorway through which Josh is rushing to get back to the senior staff meeting with his briefing memo. He crashes hard, right into all three-hundred and some odd pounds of Orlando, and falls backward on the floor, slightly bewildered. Orlando says, "Whoa, man, that wasn't cool." Actually, it sort of was. He extends his hand to help Josh up. As Josh collects himself, he says that Orlando should play football. Orlando: "Hey man, I'm trying, but I had an open Pabst, and that's the way that goes." Well, if you don't make the football team, I think that great mountain fresh taste will soothe your jangled nerves. There's a longish shot while Josh watches them walk away. I betcha he's black and blue by the time the polls close.

Debbie comes out of the Oval Office as Josh returns with his memo and tries to go in. Apparently, he's now run afoul of Rule #1, which was that the meetings start on time and if you're not there, you're SOL. Josh: "That's insanity." Debbie: "Well, I'm quite mad." That must be why she's wearing that weird printed outfit in black, navy, white, tan and God knows what else with something that looks like a Koosh Ball affixed at the neck. Josh argues with her; she points out that the rules only apply to Senior Staff meetings. Debbie cites chapter and verse on how the median time that the President's day ends for the last three hundred days works out to 10:20 PM, and he hasn't had a night's sleep in four years. Me neither. Debbie's decided to fix that. ["Obviously, you need a Debbie." -- Wing Chun] Josh tries to get past her again to go in, but Debbie's a bulldog. He finally realizes he's overmatched and states that it's her little part of the store and he respects that. As he leaves, he says, "See what I did there? Respect. No one's bigger than the game." Debbie: "You're an example for the kids." Why doesn't Josh sneak in through Leo's office? Maybe Debbie's already recruited Margaret to her side. I'd think, with Margaret's personality, Debbie'd have no trouble bringing her on board. Margaret's a law-and-order type for sure. Speaking of Leo, where the heck is he?

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