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Out in the hall, Josh runs into Donna, who says she's going out for about twenty minutes. She's going to find someone who'll swap votes with her: a Writchie supporter who'll vote for Bartlet to offset her vote. Yeah, good luck with that. Josh: "Really?" Donna says it's Election Day, and there's nothing to do, so she's doing this. Josh: "And you think it's going to take about twenty minutes?" She says she'll be right back. Her faith in humanity is really touching.

As Donna hustles off, Andi arrives. Josh tries to talk to Toby, and Andi tells Josh that he can't talk. Something about the way she says it makes me think at first that he can't talk because of some physical impediment, not because of time constraints. Toby passes them both in silence. Andi explains that they're going for the first sonogram. Today? Election Day? Seems like a hell of a day to schedule an ultrasound. I wonder if he's keeping quiet because he's worried about jinxing the sonogram, too. Josh helpfully pipes up: "Ooh, big needle! Eighteen inches. Right in the stomach, Toby. Don't look directly at it." Andi tells him that's amniocentesis. Josh: "Hurts like heartbreak." Andi: "You've had that procedure?" Josh: "Not me personally. Toby, when you get there, it's a good idea to slip the nurse something, tell her you're hoping for a smooth second trimester." I really have no idea what he's talking about. There usually aren't nurses at ultrasounds. There are technicians who perform them. Andi: "You grease the nurse?" Toby says Josh is kidding. He asks Andi to give him a second, and says he'll catch up with her. She wanders off, saying, "Hey sports fans, this is getting exciting." Toby asks Josh how much he thinks he should give the nurse -- fifty bucks? Josh advises him to give $100. Toby says okay and hustles off, too.

Just then, Josh notices Sam coming out of the Oval Office and says, "In your life, you have never been on time to this meeting." Sam explains he was merely incredibly late for the meeting right before it. Bonnie comes out and tells him that Will Bailey's on the phone again. Josh thinks the name sounds familiar, and eventually recalls that Will is Wilde's campaign manager. Josh asserts that Wilde is going to lose that campaign by twenty points. Sam seems encouraged to hear it: "You're getting that from the exits?" Josh says he is. Sam: "Great." Josh: "'Great'?" Sam tries to cover: "No, I mean, it's a tough beat, what with dying and all." Sam goes to take his call. Will tells Sam they're still ahead. Sam tells him what Josh said. Will says he's talking about the tracking, the last of which occurred a week ago, after which the DNC left town. Josh comes back at that point to tell Sam he didn't mean exits, before, he meant the tracking, and says all of the stuff Will just said. Sam tells Josh they may have called that putt a little early. Josh takes off and Sam gets back to Will, who asks Sam's help in getting added to the President's satellite, because they could use some radio drive time. Sam says that drive time is when people who work at plants get out of work and "the real Orange County" votes. He adds, "And you turn into a pumpkin." He tells Will not to get his hopes up. Will says he's just trying to cover the spread. Sam hangs up. Back in California, Elsie Snuffin asks Will what Sam said. He tells her. She asks if Will's hopes are up. He lies that they're not. He grabs a bunch of signs and says, "Everybody on the street!" To Elsie: "But we're gonna make history."

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