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It's Friday. Sam is working in his office when Toby summons him with the rubber ball. Sam comes into Toby's office. Toby asks him about the document Toby is holding. Sam says, "It says that we should stand by the Surgeon General." Toby states, "Actually, it says that we should stand by the Sturgeon General." Sam: "Does it?" He meant "Surgeon General." Toby says he thinks they should stand by her, too. "I just wanted to make sure we were agreed that smoked whitefish is pretty much on its own." Toby's arranging coffee and pastries on his coffee table. Ginger gets Toby's attention to let him know that "she's" here. If you were paying any attention during the "Previously on The West Wing," you know this will have to be his ex-wife. As Toby leaves to go to the lobby he asks Sam, "You're with the ratings people?" Sam says, "Soon. What's the food for?" Toby replies, "Today's attempt at ensuring our future." Sam asks what Toby's plan is. Toby says, "First thing I have to do is be nice to a liberal Democratic Congresswoman." Sam asks, "Will that be hard?" Toby sighs a little and says, "Well, it was when I was married to her."

Toby and Sam have reached Congresswoman Wyatt now. Toby says it's good to see her and thanks her for coming. He adds, "You look fantastic." She pleasantly says, "Thank you. How've you been, Sam?" Toby says, "Sam's great." Sam says, "Fit as a fiddle, Andy. Although, to tell you the truth, I found..." Toby curtly says, "Nobody cares." Sam, patient as ever, leaves ungrudgingly. Andy gives Toby a tiny peck on the cheek. She asks how he's doing. He rambles: "Congresswoman Wyatt...you're growing into that title very nicely." She says, "This is going someplace hysterical." Toby cuts to the chase: "Labour wants Gillette on the Commission. So does the AARP. It's very important to them." Andy acknowledges all this. Toby asks if she knows why. She says, "Because they've been suspicious of the Commission since you announced it and want one of their people protecting their interests?" They reach Toby's office, and she takes off her coat. Toby claims, "We're one of their people." She inquires, "Have you had an easy time convincing them of that since you announced the Commission?" Toby replies, "No. But I bring you here, and we sit, and we have coffee, and we have Danish, in the hope that calmer, and dare I say, prettier, heads prevail." Andy sits down and says, "Oh, I miss patronizing sexist Toby." Toby claims, "I was referring to myself." ["Which is an awesome line." -- Wing Chun] She says, "You don't want to ask Gillette?" He sure doesn't. She continues: "'Cause you think he might say no?" Toby replies, "Right. This is really important, Andy. Can you help us?" Andy softly says, "No." Ginger comes to the door to say something to Toby but he doesn't even look at her; he just says, "Close the door." He stands up as Andy takes a pastry and he commands her, "Put the Danish down."

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