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Back in the screening room, Jed leans over to Josh and says, "Tell C.J. when she gives Millie our support on Monday, she can mean it." Josh stands up and whispers, "You know, it's going to seem to some people like you did it because your daughter asked you to." Jed says, "Yeah. You know, Josh, I think if you ever have a daughter, you're going to discover that there are worse reasons in the world to do something. Sit down, we're coming to the good part." Jed goes to the front row and sits in the big comfy seat next to Ellie. She doesn't look at or acknowledge him; she keeps her eyes glued to the screen. He sighs and says, "How you doin'?" She says, "Hmm?" He repeats his question and she says, "Fine." He says, "You know, we're coming up to the good part." Kind of peevishly, she tells him, "Dad, people are trying to watch the movie." He asks, "You want to bet me your tuition no one in this room's gonna shush me?" I'll take that bet. She kind of shakes her head. He ventures: "I hear you're thinking about ophthalmology." She says, "Oncology." He asks, "Why you want to study people's feet?" Ellie: "That's podiatry." Jed: "Then what's children's medicine?" She replies, "Pediatrics." He says, "I thought it was obstetrics." Ellie explains, "That's pregnant women." He asks, "Then what's the study of feet?" She finally says, "Dad, you're not going to get me to laugh." He looks disappointed and mutters, "Really?" He sighs. He studies her face for a bit; she keeps her eyes on the screen. He finally says, "The only thing you ever had to do to make me happy was come home at the end of the day." Well, she's clearly a tougher nut than I, because she's able to keep from crying, but I'm not. You can tell she wants to, though. She finally meets and holds his gaze. She valiantly keeps from crying. He can see that he's gotten to her and he goes back to being Silly Dad: "So, endocrinology would be what, disorders of the gall bladder?" She says, "Thyroid." He replies, "I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that. I think endocrinology is your subspecialty of internal medicine devoted to the digestive system." Ellie: "That would be gastroenterology." He continues: "Are you sure it's not nephrology, immunology, cardiology, or dermatology?" She smiles a bit and asks with mild, mock annoyance. "Would you stop it? I'm trying to watch the movie." He says, "Okay." He pauses. "Here comes the good part." It gets better than this?

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