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Josh is on the phone with somebody, saying, "Well, there'd be fallout from women voters, and I'm pretty sure, the AMA, to say nothing of the First Lady..." C.J. wanders in and asks, "Leo?" Josh covers the mouthpiece and tells her he's on a conference call with about nine people who are at several points of longitude. He asks when her first briefing is; she says it's in an hour. He asks whether she thinks she's able to show support for the Surgeon General without supporting for her policy. Actually, the Surgeon General didn't state or formulate any policy; she merely expressed her opinion on the blatant hypocrisy about substance use in this society. But that's neither here nor there, I suppose. C.J. says yeah. Josh says, "Show me." C.J. says, "Try me." Josh: "'C.J., did you know that Dr. Griffith was going to criticize the Administration's drug policy last night?'" C.J. replies, "I don't agree with your characterization of her comments. I think she expressed her opinion about the health effects of certain illegal drugs." Josh: "'Well, she basically called for the legalization of marijuana. Does the President agree with her?'" C.J.: "Wrong again, and I'd refer you to the Surgeon General's comments. When asked if marijuana should be legalized, she said, and I'm quoting, 'It's not for me to say.' And she's right, and it's important that people understand this: the Surgeon General is not a lawmaker. She doesn't set drug policy; the President does, and the President is 100% against legalizing drugs, including marijuana." She's ready to kick ass. As usual. Josh says yeah and goes back to the phone to say to Leo, "I can take it to the next step." Josh ends his call and says "okay" a couple of times, sighing in between. He gets up. C.J. asks, "Leo wants me to show her support?" Josh says "Yeah," as he grabs his coat. C.J. asks, "Josh? While I'm showing her support, what are you showing her?" Josh replies as he puts on his coat and walks out of the office, "The door." ["Before Josh answered, Djb and I yelled, 'My ass!'" -- Wing Chun]

After some commercials, we're at a press briefing. We can hear lots of reporters' voices clamouring for C.J.'s attention. We see C.J. on a monitor answering the expected questions with the rehearsed answers. Josh is watching this as he waits outside someone's office, presumably that of the Surgeon General. Some people leave Dr. Griffith's office, and she calls Josh into her large and impressive office.

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