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Back at dweeb HQ, also known as Sam's office, Toby is now standing over him, backseat-writing the birthday message. They're squabbling over how to do it when Josh bursts in with, "Guess what? The Antiquities Act!" Suddenly he's got their full attention, and they're both impressed. Toby elucidates: "The President is empowered to designate any federal land to be a national park." Sam says, "Big Sky." Josh replies: "Done deal," and wants to know if they want to come along to tell POTUS. But now both Toby and Sam want to "nail" the birthday message. When Josh finds out what they're obsessively working on, he tells them, "The two of you need to put your heads down on your desks," and departs. Sam and Toby go back to bickering.

Cut to the President's office, where Jed's boring poor Charlie senseless with stories of how hikers in Glacier Park are told to sing on the trails to keep bears away. Charlie tells the Prez this sounds pretty silly. He tries to make his exit following the cue, "Was there anything else?" Jed informs him that "Glacier Park was the tenth. We have forty-four to go." Just then Josh rounds the corner into the office and says, "Forty-five". Charlie says, "I quit," and Josh gives him an amen on that. Jed lets Charlie go (run, Charlie, run for your life!) and asks Josh what he's got. Josh tells POTUS that he's going to establish Big Sky National Park. This gets a big laugh from the President, and he wants to know if Josh understands it's a bunch of rocks.

Josh: I'm sure someone with your encyclopedic knowledge of the ridiculous and the dork-like will be able to find a tree or a ferret that the public has a right to visit.
Jed [leaping to his feet]: More than a right, Josh. It's a treat.
Josh: Yes, sir.
Jed: You would enjoy nature.
Josh: I've tried nature, sir.

Josh helps him on with his jacket and POTUS tells him he did a good job. Jed walks out of his office into what looks like a narrow outdoor walkway. Josh follows him to add one thing: "We talk about enemies more than we used to." The President looks puzzled and says, "What?" Josh pauses and carefully, gently, repeats himself. He gives a little shrug and says, "I just wanted to mention it." ["'I don't want to talk about National Parks, I don't want to talk about enemies...' Josh is never happy." -- Strega] The President looks fairly grave for a moment and nods, with a resigned "Yeah." He turns and walks toward home, with rather less spring in his step.

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