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Rice Krispie bar paces at the hospital; Canada Post flogs millennium crap; toddler steals Mom's Visa card; Dristan blasts off; Mulder's mother hawks Centrum vitamins (am I supposed to take this woman, this tool of The Syndicate, seriously? Now I suspect that Centrum vitamins might be vehicles of biochemical weaponry); husband appeases wife on Sears commercial with cheesy pendant (not); and then another tiresome ad for another feeble Canadian attempt at American-style drama (Power Play).

In the first scene, Leo and Mallory are at a swell place for breakfast. The waiter places the bill at Leo's elbow. Mallory wants to pay the bill, which Leo scoffs at, but she insists, since she offered to take him out for breakfast. Leo finally asks the waiter the price of a cup of coffee in that establishment. The waiter replies, "Six dollars and fifty cents, sir." Leo asks Mallory if she still wants to pay; Mallory, naturally, demurs. (I find it hard to believe that Mallory wouldn't have a clue how expensive the place was, not to mention think that she could afford it on her schoolteacher's salary.) ["I do feel her pain, though, at wanting -- for once -- to treat her parent to a meal. Every time I go out with my dad, we get into fisticuffs over the bill, and shrieking, 'I HAVE A GOOD JOB!' in the middle of a restaurant is not a good way to end an evening." -- Wing Chun] Leo starts to ask Mallory about her mother as Congressman Skinner happens by and congratulates Leo on the banking bill. He breezes away and then Mallory also offers her congratulations. Leo tries again to get information about Jenny. Mallory does not intend to be a go-between and tells her father that he could call her mother. He lobs back that he could also just ask Mallory. But she is not playing the game and Leo finally gets the message. He moves on to the issue of their season opera tickets; tonight is one of their subscription nights and he wants Mallory to take the tickets. Mallory and Leo hash out some more stuff about his having to deal with Jenny, and then, annoyed, Leo comes at her: "Why can't you say 'congratulations'?" Mallory's puzzled: "On the banking bill?" Leo confirms that he was referring to the banking bill, and Mallory says, "I just did!" Leo accuses her of smirking, or rolling her eyes, or doing that with her voice. (Upon rewinding the tape, Leo, I must say in Mallory's defence that she showed nothing other than bland indifference.) Mallory tells him he's gone around the bend but agrees to take the tickets and to walk him back to his office.

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