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Cut to Toby collecting Sam so that they can get going on a statement regarding the passage of the banking bill, which Toby says is a sure thing. Just then Josh comes by to burst their bubble with the news that Broderick and Eaton have attached a controversial land-use rider to "strip-mine the length and breadth of Montana." Sam thinks for a nanosecond and announces, "We don't care," "we" meaning the White House. Josh takes exception to this and Sam says, "We don't care today." Josh begins to argue and Sam wants to know, "Since when are you outdoorsy?" Josh tells him it's not about the environment, it's about retribution. They all agree they need to see the Prez and off they trudge.

Cut to C.J. giving a statement to the press about the banking bill, and the White House's optimistic position that it will pass. One reporter questions whether the White House is concerned about the attachment of the land-use rider. Obviously blindsided, C.J. remains fairly poised and says it's being worked out and she will go into more detail later. The reporter wants her to go into detail now but she firmly dismisses him and ends the briefing. C.J. goes looking for Toby but naturally Danny is hot on her heels. He gives her some smarm about the rider surprise, and she points out that he's in a restricted area. He jovially gets the assent of everyone in the room for being there (note to C.J.: time for some butt-kicking performance appraisals) and keeps following her and pestering her. C.J.: "First of all, you're wrong. Second of all, shut up. Third, I went to Hoynes with your thing and he said he wasn't the one who talked to you and I believe him and he's really pissed at me and he's right, and fourth, shut up again." Yes! Danny admits it wasn't Hoynes and launches into more of his dating attributes. She dismisses him and takes off in the direction of Toby's office.

Next we see Leo apprising the Prez about the land-use rider as they walk toward the President's office. Jed has a fit when he finds out that Eaton and Broderick are the culprits. Toby's waiting in the office with several other staffers and tells Jed that it's retaliation for having won the campaign. Jed can't believe they want to strip-mine Big Sky, and Sam tells him to swallow it. Josh starts bickering with Sam until the President redirects their attention to him. Sam advises not sacrificing the banking bill in order to get into an "intramural spitball game over a couple of rocks that are uninhabitable eight months out of the year anyway." Josh says that what Sam means is that politically, they don't need the environmental lobby. Everyone continues to argue and Sam sarcastically points out that it's particularly important to carry Montana and its three electoral votes in the next election. Toby asks for a few hours to work on the problem, which POTUS grants, and they sit down for their meeting.

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