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Toby's head is propped up on his chin, eyeballs glued to the laptop screen. Mandy the pest (psst! Mandy...over here...you should hook up with Danny) ["I thought the same thing!" -- Strega] wants to know if Toby's listening to her. Toby tells her he's not the one to talk to about the banking bill anymore. C.J. appears at the door and asks what's going on. Mandy asks C.J. to tell Toby that they shouldn't veto the bill, except Mandy says it in such an irritatingly snooty and sarcastic way that I will spare you all the pain of quoting her exactly. C.J. takes a stab at it: "Toby, Mandy wants you to recommend to the President that we do it her way." Toby asks C.J. if she understood what Mandy said, to which C.J. replies, "No, but she seemed pretty confident." Mandy wants to talk to Josh again; Toby tells her to talk to anyone she wants; he needs to work. Mandy hustles off muttering about how "you people are too ready to cut your noses off to spite your faces". C.J.'s right on her heels, asking for advice on how to get Danny to drop the Cabinet meeting story. Mandy suggests offering him a trade: "a half hour with the President." C.J. seems to think that will work. Mandy wants help with Josh and Toby but C.J. tells her there's no way she'll talk them out of trying to stop the passage of the bill with the rider; it's what they get geared up for. Mandy snorts, "You guys are idiots, did you know that?" C.J.'s reply: "In our own defence, we actually do know that."

Cut to the Oval Office: POTUS is reading the birthday message Sam has written, and approves. He's wondering if Sam's not a little overqualified for the task, but Sam claims he was happy to do it. The Prez suggests that since he's already on it, that they "really do a job" and give it the "Sam Seaborn quill" and instructs Sam to take his time with it and bring him back the next draft. Naturally, on his way out, Sam runs into Mallory, who's wearing a tight dark red sheath, plenty of cleavage, and a navy evening coat, and way less scary makeup than Heather Locklear has on in the commercial in which she wears basically the same outfit. Sam is a little take aback and tells her she looks beautiful, and asks her to come to his office.

In the next scene, Danny's clacking away at his keyboard. C.J. arrives and tells Danny she has trouble believing one of the Cabinet officers blabbed to him. He says that the Cabinet officers weren't the only ones in the room. C.J. stares at him as it dawns on her that he's talking about Mildred. "Oh, I'm gonna fire her." Danny says not to, because it's not nice. Okay....C.J. makes him her offer of a half-hour with the Prez on any subject or subjects. From the look on his face it's obviously a better offer than Danny was expecting but he can't resist toying with her by telling her it's not enough. C.J., probably dreading having to go on a date with him, wants to know what else; he says he wants her to sing a song. Yeah, he's joking but, buddy, can you not see this woman has had a long day? Way to endear yourself. He takes the deal, but as she's leaving warns her that if anyone gets fired over this he's going to write about why. C.J. concedes: "Understood."

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