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The Bodyguard

Simon says (I wonder how many times I can type "Simon says" before the end of the season and not go crazy) she's the boss, and he'll be heading up a detail of four agents, each working eight hours, with one day off a week. Does that work out? I have too much of a headache to do the math right now. ["I'd double-check it, but it's almost June and I don't care." -- Wing Chun] He adds, "We've set up a command post in your apartment building. We've set up surveillance. You can put your car in a garage. You'll be using ours." C.J. starts walking out of the room; he follows her. She turns and insists, "You can't come in the Briefing Room." Simon: "Think again, dollface." No, no. He says, "A crowded room where anyone can get credentialled and you're up at the podium? No, I'm pretty sure I'll be there." C.J. keeps walking, saying, "This is what you meant by '[I'm] the boss'?" Simon admits that's more of an "honorary thing." She starts to open a door, and Simon shuts it, to force her to stop and listen to him. Their faces are close to the door, which has a Venetian blind on it, and it's brightly lit from the other side, so slats of light and darkness fall on their faces. Simon says, "This guy isn't small-time, Ms. Cregg. You're being hunted. By the way, I can't guarantee anything, except to say that, if you're dead, chances are, I am, too." C.J. snipes, "Well, I guess it's going to have to be the little things now." Simon agrees. He says he has to go check in with his command. C.J. goes through the door, giving a wary glance in the direction of Simon's back before closing the door.

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