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Donna catches up with C.J. as C.J.'s walking back to her office reading some papers. Donna asks if C.J.'s ready. C.J. asks where they're going. They're going to the yogurt place. Wouldn't you like to hear what C.J. and Donna dish about at the yogurt place? Me too. Donna asks if she's reading angry faxes. C.J. says they're very angry faxes. Donna: "From Saudis?" C.J. affirms this. Donna: "Well, what'd you expect?" C.J.: "Very angry faxes from Saudis. And angry emails. Look at these." She moves out of the way so Donna can look at her computer. As Donna reads, C.J. grabs her purse. Donna comments, "I'm seeing some troubling spelling here..'godless' with two Ds?" Donna reads something else with a look of concern on her face and says, "C.J.?" C.J. replies, "I saw it." Donna says it's a death threat. C.J. insists that it's not a big deal, and tells her not to tell anybody, because she doesn't want a big production. Donna agrees, and C.J. turns to go; as Donna meets C.J. at the door, Donna hollers for Josh and asks him to come in and look at something. C.J. blocks the door and chides Donna. Josh comes in to read it. C.J. tosses her hand up in frustration. Josh reads it and instructs Donna, "Call Frank Tenney downstairs. Tell him I want to talk to him right away." Donna zooms off, and C.J. asks Josh, "You take this seriously?" As he walks out he says, "Yeah. It's a death threat, C.J. I take it seriously. I've had some experience with this." He gives her a significant glance as he leaves. She stares at her computer.

In the Oval Office, POTUS is finishing up a photo op. The group leaves, and POTUS is alone with Leo. Leo says, "They've got a picture they want to show us." Not clear at this point who "they" is. POTUS wants to know what the picture is; Leo doesn't know. Leo goes on to something else: he explains that Jake Kimball came to see Leo this morning, looking "a hundred years old." Leo says, "Anteras is going to announce a chip recall on Thursday." Jed, distracted with paperwork: "How big?" Leo: "Everything." Damn. That ain't good. Jed looks up, stunned. "That's gotta be fifty million chips." Leo says it's eighty million. Jed: "Leo, how the hell are we..." Leo: "I know." Jed: "That's the end of Anteras." Jed mentions the company has ninety-eight thousand workers, seventy-five thousand of whom he thinks are in the U.S.: "Plus the kidney punch at NASDAQ." Leo thinks Jake's on the verge of eating some lead. (I get the distinct feeling Leo and Jake had a scene about this that got cut, since this episode is so jam-packed.) Charlie pokes his head in at this point, and Fitz (yay! Fitz!) comes striding purposefully in, along with a small entourage. Jed: "Fitz! Fitz! You old polecat, you old so-and-so!" I've been thinking lately that people don't call each other "old polecats" quite enough. They shake hands as Fitz asks, "Trying to be one of the fellas, sir?" Jed: "Yeah." Fitz: "Well, well done, sir." Jed thanks him. Fitz grabs a file from an assistant and shows him a photograph taken by an SR-71 (a craft apparently no longer in use) during a routine flyover in the Gulf. Fitz says, pointing the photograph, "This is Bushehr, and this is what looks to me like the early days of construction on a light water reactor." He explains that light water is ordinary water, and it's what's used to build nuclear reactors. He says the Iranians seem to have contracted the Russians to build them a light water reactor. Jed wonders what the problem is. Fitz: "Four intelligence agencies tell me I'm wrong, and I am. The Russians are building them a heavy water reactor." Jed asks what that's used for. Leo: "Plutonium." No one speaks as we see an aerial shot of them all sitting down around the seal in the carpet.

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