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Toby and Ludmilla go into Toby's office, where they chat about the fact that her paper has the highest daily circulation of any paper in Russia. Toby remarks that it's hard to tell whether that's because of the reporting, the editorials, or the naked women on Page Three. Ludmilla: "We did not invent this thing. Nor did we invent the comic strips or lotto." Toby: "Touché." He sits down and asks her how she pissed off Chigorin. She says he doesn't like criticism. Toby wonders if she's ever met anyone who does. She says that's not the point. Toby seems mildly unnerved by this woman's sweet yet firm demeanor, and he replies, "No, I, uh, I'm just talking." He smiles disarmingly. She gives a polite, semi-sincere chuckle. Toby says she already has credentials to cover POTUS, and that it's just a matter of getting her on the plane. First, however, he wants to check with the State Department "to make sure it's not a grotesquely insulting thing to do to a new President from whom the U.S. is hoping for quite a bit." Ludmilla: "Ah, so your First Amendment only extends as far as is polite?" Toby, evenly: "No, it extends farther than that but it only protects us." Touché, dude. He adds, "Believe me, if we were able to enforce U.S. law around the world, I'd retire and go scuba diving." Now there's an image: Toby in a wetsuit. Ludmilla cocks her head and asks, "You like diving?" Toby admits, "I've never done it. I've, uh, never done anything. But I've seen pictures and it looks fun. I've seen pictures of people out there in the world and they all look like they're glad they are. Now, granted, when I'm looking at these pictures, somebody's usually trying to sell me something, but I'll tell you what, I'm forty-four years old and I'm buying." Aw, Toby. Ludmilla listens with amusement. Toby: "I usually don't talk this much, but I'm having an odd day." He pauses. "Wanna stay for a little and look at pictures of scuba divers?" I don't know how she could turn that down, with Toby looking so adorable and all, but she does. Toby says they'll talk tomorrow. She leaves.

POTUS and Leo are in the Mural Room; a meeting seems to have just broken up. Leo suggests that before they go "in there," they should talk about Anteras. Jed agrees. Leo says, "It's not like there's nothing we can do." Jed says there's nothing they can do. Leo: "I'm not saying Commerce or Treasury calls the banks, but an emergency loan guarantee, if we can get Congress..." Just then, Josh walks up and greets them as they're exiting the Mural Room. Jed tells Leo, "We can't do it." Leo asks Josh, "How did it go over there?" Josh says they confronted the Russian Atomic Energy Minister with the photographs, and that he denied everything. Jed: "That's good enough for me." Josh says they don't deny the building of a reactor: "They've had contracts with Iran since '76, and he says the deuterium-based reactors have been up and running in Canada for years." Jed: "Yeah, well...Canada, Russia...roughly the same relationship with the U.S."

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