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The One Where a Sniper Shoots at the White House

Anyway, blah blah blah, Response Code Orion, fifty Minutemen get armed. Toby asks what's in New London. Will: "Trident." Toby: "The gum?" Will: "The nuclear submarines." He explains that the launch sequence went on for two minutes before there was confirmation that it was a meteor. But the two guys were debating with Launch Control and Operations, and now they're in trouble. Toby: "And they're sending in a team of lawyers to look into it?" Will: "Yeah, but we're scrappy." Toby emits a mirthless laugh: "A meteor fell from the sky, the result being that two guys are going to get court-martialled, the only two guys who apparently thought it was strange that North Korea would attack submarines in Connecticut instead of, say, San Diego or Hawaii. And if it had been a real attack, would they still have been doing point/counterpoint with NORAD?" Will says nothing. Toby says that they failed on both a mechanical and human level. He asks C.J. to tell him again what she has faith in. C.J.: "Us. Because with what little time he has, Will is going to Wyoming to defend one of these guys and I don't think that is failing on a human level." Wait, Wyoming? I thought he was going to Cheyenne, as in Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado? Everyone's quiet while Toby stares at C.J. He gives a sputtering little laugh and tells her he's got an ace-high flush: "Gimme your money." C.J.: "I got tens full of queens. Gimme yours." Charlie, who's been lurking in the background and watching out the window, suddenly says, "Hey!" Will asks who's out there. Charlie, running out of the room: "Zoey."

Charlie runs out on to the portico and pretends to be Mr. Cool when he runs into Zoey: "This is a coincidence. I was just stepping outside for some air." Zoey says they just let her in a few minutes ago. He says everything's fine. She says she just wanted to check and that she was just going to call him. Charlie: "Were you? To say you wanted to get back together again?" Dude, you know I love you, but is it really appropriate to be putting the make on her right now? Zoey replies, "To make sure you were alive." Charlie: "Well, that's a step in my direction." He asks her if she wants to come inside for a minute; she's got to get back to studying for a final tomorrow. She doesn't want to see her father at all? That seems a little odd. I would expect Jed to be yoogely hurt if he found out she had been there and he hadn't seen her. Zoey and Charlie talk about how they can't believe Zoey is graduating in two weeks.

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