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The One Where a Sniper Shoots at the White House

Jed and Leo are standing by the table, watching Toby, C.J., Debbie, Ed, and Larry play poker. Jed tells them to hurry it up, because they're going to be called back into the Oval Office: "Debbie, do something." She bets fifty bucks. Everyone folds, and she takes all the chips again. Jed thanks her. He asks Leo if the pastrami is from Krupin's. Leo says it is. Jed: "Tissue-paper-thin?" Leo says "yes," really defensively. Like someone asked him if he's bathed recently. Dude, it's just food. Simmah. Nancy calls Jed into the Oval Office to talk to Chigorin. Leo turns to Jed and says, "Nice job." They leave.

Will's at Leo's computer, surfing the internet. He says he's searched "equinox" and "egg," and the news isn't good for the believers. C.J. comes over and asks what sites he was sent to. Will: "ThingsThatAreWrong.com." Heh. C.J. says there's no such site. Well, there's nothing on that page as of this writing, but Warner Brothers did apparently go to the trouble of registering the domain name. See for yourself. C.J. reads from the screen, "'This has to be one of the silliest misconceptions around and it never seems to die.'" Will says he was also sent to The Apocryphal Zone and Project Astro Utah. C.J.: "There's no website supporting it?" There is not. Toby: "And you gotta ask yourself, if no one on the internet wants a piece of this, just how far from the pack have you strayed?" Hee! C.J. thinks for a moment and says, "I could have sworn I saw it." Everybody's all, "Ahhh! Now she thinks she saw it."

Ron sticks his head in to say they're back up. Toby asks what the sniper's deal is. Ron explains that he was a lone gunman with a death wish, hoping the first agents on site would kill him. Ron says it's called "suicide by cop." He thanks them for their co-operation and leaves. Will says he's heading to Andrews. Toby wishes him a safe flight. Everybody cashes out and packs up. Debbie counts her wad of money. Toby asks C.J. if she's going home. She says she will shortly; she's going to let her staff know the authorities lifted the crash. Toby leaves, saying, "See you in the morning." Because what else would they be doing on a normal Saturday morning but coming into work? C.J. glances at the clock, which shows that it's almost midnight. She sits down, and concentrates on trying to get an egg to stand upright. It seems to be co-operating, so she slowly lets her fingers float away from it as she says softly, "Guys? Hey, you guys?" The egg stands alone. Predictable as anything, but that smile sells it. Could I be any more of a sucker for Allison Janney?

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