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Toby enters Josh's office. Marla must be at lunch, because Josh's door is open. Oh wait, it's not his office -- it's Toby's. Toby looks at him and asks what he's doing there. Josh: "I got a bad temp." At least it wasn't a bad perm. Those things will stick with you for months. Toby speaks for the audience when he tells Josh that he's just sad: "Call Donna." Josh asks Toby what's up with Wilkinson, and Toby tells him that Wilkinson won't withdraw the amendment. It's not going so well on Josh's side either -- no amount of pork is likely to change many votes: "People don't want to vote against marriage." Grrrrr. Toby is clearly exhausted, as he tells Josh, "I hate this issue. It's like walking around town holding a sick chicken." Some folks in the forums had a few theories about what this meant, but I'm damned if I understand it. Without a credible veto threat, Josh and Toby see no way to get rid of the amendment. Toby, frustrated: "C.J.'s caving. The Vice-President thinks the country's not ready to fight against discrimination. And for all I know, the President's in the middle of naptime." Josh tells Toby that even Hoynes didn't come out strongly against the proposal, instead issuing a wishy-washy statement calling for "thoughtful study." Josh characterizes Hoynes as "straddling the political divide like an Adonis." We all know that Josh actually meant "Colossus," but I'll cut him some slack, because he clearly has beautiful men on the brain. (Not to mention straddling.) Toby is very interested in the fact that Hoynes issued a statement, recalling that Hoynes and Wilkinson served on the Judiciary Committee together. Toby is mulling this over when Josh tells him that Santos stopped by: "The filing deadline is in two days. He wants me to go with him." Toby's not clear on why Santos would want Josh to come to Houston, but Josh clarifies that Santos actually wants him to come to New Hampshire. Toby seems a little slow on the uptake, asking why Santos is going to New Hampshire. Josh: "To run for president. I kinda talked him into it, I think I gotta go with him. I laid out a nine-point plan." Toby, clearly shocked: "Is one of the points a military junta?" Josh gets up to go back to his own office, and Toby really rips into him: "You can't leave. We're not done here. You can't skip out with the President lying flat on his back! Seven years, you're gonna leave us with a candy-gram and a get well card?" Josh tells him that someone has to think about the ninth year, but Toby is not impressed: "You gonna walk into the Oval Office and tell the President you just found a better horse?" The argument is really just starting to heat up when Marla interrupts to deliver a phone message to Josh: "The Secretary of Agriculture is calling. Something about a fruit laboratory." Isn't that what they call the Boy Scouts? Josh leaves, telling Toby that he'll let him know if there's any progress on changing votes on the conference committee.

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