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Presidential boudoir. Jed is sitting on his bed getting dressed when Abbey comes in. He tells her that he has to go downstairs for a short meeting, and she tells him that C.J. already informed her. Abbey's not happy: "This gonna be your idea of resting?" He tells her that it will only take a few minutes, but it looks like she's going to put her foot down: "What's so important that you'd risk your health?" She's not impressed that it's the Sanctity of Marriage Act: "I was hoping for at least an international crisis." There's another strange animal-related metaphor when she tells him, "Hold the fish loosely, Jed, or it's gonna flop right out of your hands." Is this some kind of heterosexual foreplay? ["On behalf of my people, I'm going to say no." -- Wing Chun] Jed is looking down at his lap, and he mutters, "I wanna put my pants on." Hmmm, I guess it's not foreplay, then. Abbey either didn't hear him or didn't understand him, and he tells her, a little more loudly, "I can't put my pants on." And with that, she sets aside her disagreement and bends down to help him get dressed. As she's pulling on his pants, Jed recites, "How body from spirit slowly does unwind, until we are pure spirit at the end." Kudos to forum posters Library and trudyj for identifying that as a line from poet Theodore Roethke. Abbey looks up at him, tears in her eyes, and asks, "You gonna quote poetry now?" Too late, I think he just did. She grunts with the effort of picking him up as she hoists him into a standing position to pull his pants the rest of the way up. He mutters, "So this is why they make you take vows." Abbey: "Yup. This is why." With that, they sit down on the bed, and she wipes a tear from her eye. This was a teary scene for me, and not just a little because it called to mind all the couples I've known who were never allowed to take vows but who still have taken care of each other through illnesses as severe as this one. And again, I love this cast. Commercials.

Josh walks into Will's office, where Will is giving instructions to some flunky to overnight something to Concord. Josh is surprised to hear that the New Hampshire office is up and running. Will tells him that there are actually eleven New Hampshire offices: "Cheaper to buy in bulk." Josh compares it to Will's last campaign, in Orange County. Will agrees that it's pretty different: "This guy's got a pulse, for starters." Josh: "Well, technically speaking." Will thinks Josh is there to work on him about the Sanctity of Marriage Act, and makes it clear that he doesn't appreciate Toby's trying to go over his head earlier: "You might remind him, the Vice-President and I actually do talk once in a while." Will thanks Josh for his earlier offer of help with the NAACP stuff, and Josh clearly doesn't even remember it. He's quite distracted. With some hesitation in his voice, Josh asks Will how Donna is working out. Will says that she's great, and Josh expresses some surprise that he didn't see her in the bullpen. Again, I like that they show us that Josh has never been able to think of Donna as anything but a secretary without actually having to spell that out in semaphore. Will tells Josh that Donna is going to be in New Hampshire for a couple of weeks. Josh tells Will to say "hi" to Donna for him. The Bassoon of Josh's Loneliness plays as he drifts out of the office.

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