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C.J. walks into Margaret's area. (I really don't know whether to call it an office, or what. Sometimes I think it's a fully enclosed office, but other times it looks like a semi-cubicle.) Margaret raises a finger, turns around, and picks up a basketball shoe containing a single red carnation and a note. She tells C.J. that it was just delivered from the northwest gate. C.J. reaches for the note, but Margaret tells her, "It says 'Oval Room at 9.'" C.J. is not surprised that Margaret read the note. I think Margaret clearly needs to start dating, if she's getting this much vicarious pleasure from C.J.'s romantic life. C.J. asks her if the press is still in "there," and then Margaret hands her a one-page statement. C.J. walks off, reading the statement.

C.J. enters the press pool, where a number of reporters are working. She gets their attention and tells them that the Sanctity of Marriage Act has been removed from the budget at Jed's urging. Someone asks her if they're on the record. C.J.: "Sure, what the hell." A single question is asked: "Are you a homosexual?" Man, all of a sudden "homosexual" looks so quaint and old-fashioned. I think we should go back to calling ourselves "sodomites." Or better yet, "inverts." 'Cause that's really old-school. C.J. looks at the statement and prepares to read it, and then sighs and folds up the piece of paper: "I spent the last fourteen hours being snickered at by United States senators, being ostracized on the World Wide Web, having my own colleagues question my ability to do my job, and I let it get to me. So I don't think it really matters whether I'm gay or straight, or just the best damn women's basketball player in Ohio Valley history. No one should be treated this way." Some bald reporter tells her, "You didn't answer the question." C.J. gets her righteousness on, and tells him, "That's right. Because it's none of your business." And with that, she walks out of the room and rips up the statement.

Josh is waiting outside the Oval Office. After a couple of minutes, not-Debbie lets him in. He walks up to Jed, and asks him how he's feeling. Josh starts to speak: "Sir, I never imagined that I would be having this conversation." As he speaks, the camera pans away and the sound fades out.

A door with a Russell bumper sticker on it opens and Donna walks in, carrying a file box of personal effects and papers. She's also wearing a parka, just in case you didn't realize that she's in New Hampshire in the wintertime. Phones are ringing, and there are staff walking around in the background. Donna answers the phone, "Russell for president."

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