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Pan down from a partly cloudy sky towards a school. Santos is speaking, telling a smallish assembled crowd that he "wanted to start this journey in the place it all started." And then Santos gives a rather bland speech about hope. "Hope is real" is the main thesis. ["Dude, we already have a Barack Obama. And he's doing just fine. And also, foine." -- Wing Chun] While the speech continues, we see Jed struggling to walk on crutches (the ones with the arm braces). They made his (Jed's) hair extra bouncy for this scene, so it's shaking all over the place as he staggers across the room. We cut back and forth between Santos and Jed. Santos is just delivering a mediocre speech (with Josh and Mrs. Santos looking on), but Jed has gotten himself to a desk. He's leaning against it, without his crutches, and he gradually moves his hands away from the desk and stands on his own two feet. Keep hope alive, y'all.

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