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Josh closes the door to his office after Toby enters, explaining that Marla likes it closed. Toby calls her an "interesting girl," and Josh complains, "I kinda lost the temp lottery. She's making me finish, like, one thing at a time. It's insane." So she's like the human equivalent of Ritalin. Toby suggests that Josh "tell her to back off." But Josh is clearly scared of her: "You tell her!" Toby suggests that Josh call Donna. To do what, I'm not sure -- perhaps he thinks she can come beat up Marla and tell her to stop pushing Josh around? Josh says that he can't call Donna, and Toby tells him, "You know, eventually you may have to resort to manhood." Josh: "I'm the victim, here. How am I supposed to be a man?" Oh, that's right -- your secretary left for a better job. Let's see if the U.N. has a program to help you out. (And if you want to help some real victims, go here and donate to one of the many worthwhile groups listed.) Toby finally gets to the point, asking Josh if the "Wilkinson thing" doesn't seem odd to him. Josh tells Toby that he's making some calls to find out what's going on, and Toby tells him that he plans to see Wilkinson. And then Toby asks Josh why he went to Houston: "Santos?" Josh tells him that he did indeed go to see Santos, and then tells Toby that Santos is not running. Toby thinks it's a shame, because Santos has turned out to be a great member of Congress. But then Toby turns back to Josh and asks, "You went all the way down there?" Josh: "I like him a lot." Yes, that's been pretty clear from the first moment you saw him and had that vision of the two of you running toward each other in slow motion across a sunny meadow. Toby asks Josh whether Hoynes and Russell are both still after him. Aw, Toby's feeling jealous. Josh reassures Toby that he is "here with [Toby] to the bitter end. With bells on." I just noticed that Toby's dark gray suit has some faint red horizontal stripes on it. It's nice, but I think it's way too fashion-forward for the Toby we all know and love. Just then Marla opens the door, looks at Toby, and says, "You're done. Leave." Toby looks at Josh and says, "I don't know what you're talking about. I think this girl's fantastic." Actually, I kind of do think she's fantastic. When your temp gig at the White House is over, Marla, how's about you come work for me? Marla tells Josh that the Minority Leader is on the phone for him.

C.J. is in her office, teleschmoozing with a Senator, thanking him for his support during the budget process. As they speak, Margaret gestures at the door to ask if C.J. can see Annabeth. Annabeth sits down just as C.J. is wrapping up the call: "Oh, I'm fine. I only use the internet to shop. Thanks for asking." And then, when she hangs up, "Cripes!" Annabeth tells her that she has some interview requests: "The Advocate, Out, The Village Voice, The San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Times, Goddess Monthly, Nantucket Republican, and the NCAA Field Hockey Quarterly." C.J.: "Field hockey?" Annabeth: "No, I just made that one up. As a joke." C.J. thinks that Annabeth is "as perky as all get out." C.J. asks her about the statement: "I just want to make sure this doesn't distract from the business of, say, the government." Annabeth tells C.J., "I've been struggling with this a bit. You want to emphatically deny something you have no problem with, and make it publicly clear this is a private matter?" C.J. looks at her with a completely straight face, and says, "That would be great." Pause. Pause. Pause. Annabeth: "Okie-dokie."

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