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Residence antechamber. Josh and Toby are waiting for C.J. They both seem unsure about what's going on. When C.J. emerges, Toby asks her, "You want to enlighten us?" She tells them that Jed wants the anti-marriage provision off the bill. C.J. thinks that the middle of the budget process is not the time to get into a fight with Congress, but Toby points out that they are always in the middle of the budget process. C.J.: "With a president who can't make it down the stairs?" Toby counters, "But he's not running again. Why can't we help him stand up for himself?" C.J.'s beeper goes off -- she's late for her meeting with Abbey. She tells Josh to try to dole out some pork to members of the conference committee. Josh: "Maybe Sioux City needs a monorail." Sing it with me, folks -- "Monorail!" ["But Main Street's still all cracked and broken!" -- Wing Chun] C.J. tells Toby to speak with Wilkinson: "Maybe you can talk him down." Toby thinks there's not much chance of that without the threat of a veto to back him up.

Abbey, Curtis, and Charlie are meeting with Jed's doctor. He's discussing Jed's condition, and Charlie asks him if there's any way to reverse the progression of the disease. Doctor: "Give me ten years and some stem cells." Oh no, our political television show is getting political. C.J. enters, and the doctor tells them, "What we need to focus on is the best way to manage his symptoms in this unique environment." And you know what we learn next? The presidency is a very stressful job. (Unless your initials are GWB, in which case you just sit at your desk and play with army men.) The doctor tells them that Jed should not have to sit through a meeting that's longer than an hour, that they can only schedule him for six or seven hours a day, and that he will need a nap in the afternoon. Charlie is the voice of the nation when he says, "A nap? He's gonna love that." (I think that was sarcasm, by the way. ["Who doesn't love a nap? Shut up, Charlie." -- Wing Chun]) The doctor tells them that public events like receptions and meetings will be the most difficult things to deal with, so C.J. suggests that they switch to "more on the phone, memos, things he can read and sign." Except it turns out that too much reading will also be bad for Jed. Doctor Bringdown also tells them that they should keep the Office of O. below seventy degrees, since high temperatures can trigger attacks. You can hear the tears in Abbey's voice as she says, "The bottom line is, we have to prepared for anything, every day."

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