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Fresh Icelandic Mink Whale Meat With a Side of Green Beans
Leo: What are you smiling at?
Josh: Nothing. I just...Toby got the stamp assignment.
Toby: Leo, I might need some help.
Leo: Take Josh. [Leaves.]
Toby: [To Leo.] Thanks. [To Josh.] Congratulations, you're choosing the next stamp.
Josh: Wow. That happened fast.

Over at her office, C.J. sticks her head into Carol's area and asks, "Six hundred and eighty seven days?" Carol confirms this. Now C.J.'s dress looks more beige and less banana cream. C.J. disappears back into her office as Toby shows up on his green bean mission. She comes back out and tells him that the Martian year is six hundred and eight-seven days. Toby acknowledges this and asks whether she's seen the morning's News Report. She says she's boning up on Mars and complains, "He thinks he's so smart just because, you know, he's so smart..." Toby, in true TWW style, could probably give a damn. She says that she's seen the report and marked up his copy. He's not happy that she didn't highlight the green bean story. C.J.: "I thought it was best just to alert Justice Department officials." She doesn't think it's going to get picked up and insists that it's not a story. Toby tells her to come see him in three hours. This line of discussion is repeated, and then she asks, "How many moons does Mars have?" Toby replies, "Two: Phobos and Deimos, the two horses that pulled his chariot." She tells him to get out. As he leaves, he says, "Three hours!" C.J. follows him out, calling for Carol. Toby says to Carol, "She wants information on green beans." C.J.: "You have work to do?" Toby calls back, "I'm picking a stamp!" C.J.:" Nobody likes people who know everything!" Toby, halfway down the hall: "So I've discovered in my life." C.J. asks Carol to get her information on green beans.

Charlie and POTUS are walking toward the Oval Office; Charlie is briefing Jed on his schedule for the afternoon. He's got lots of meetings and calls. Jed wants the curtain brought down by late afternoon, because he wants to spend the evening reading books about Mars and Galileo. He goes out to tell Mrs. Landingham his plans too: "Nothing after 6:30. I'm going to go to the residence and read about Mars, which, while colder and drier, has four Earthlike seasons." Mrs. Landingham says, "No, sir." He insists that it does. She explains that she means that his evening is not free, because he has to attend a concert at the Kennedy Center. It's news to POTUS. Mrs. L. says that Leo's office put it on his schedule. Jed turns back into his office and barks, "Get me Leo!" Charlie says that he was about to tell Jed about this: "Apparently it's important that you go." Jed: "To a concert? Did Buddy Holly come back?" Charlie explains that the Reykjavik Symphony Orchestra is playing. Jed bellows in the general direction of Leo's office, "Leo!" Charlie explains that it's in Iceland. Jed: "I know where Reykjavik is, Charlie. I wish I was there right now." Leo arrives. Jed wants to know why he has to go to this concert. It's because he cancelled yesterday's meeting with the Icelandic ambassador. Jed asks, "And I'm being punished?" Leo explains that Iceland is considering joining Norway and Japan in defying the ban on whale hunting imposed by the International Whaling Commission. Apparently there is a "lucrative demand for fresh Icelandic mink whale meat." POTUS wonders if this is a joke. Various government authorities feel that it's important to avoid offending Iceland right now. To make amends for cancelling yesterday's meeting he has to attend the concert with the ambassador, whose name is Vigdis Olafsdottir. Jed: "I'll give you a thousand dollars if you don't make me go." Leo: "Think of the whales." Jed: "Do they vote?" Charlie interrupts to remind Jed that he has an intelligence briefing. As Charlie goes to fetch the people waiting to speak to Jed, Leo indicates there might be a situation, as there was an explosion in a Russian oil refinery. Three guys come in and tell POTUS that ItarTass is reporting that there's a fire burning in an oil refinery in Kozelsk. Leo asks if that's in the Oblast region; one of the guys confirms this. (One of the regular forum posters pointed out that "Oblast" means region and that there's no such thing as the "Oblast region." I can neither confirm nor deny this, but you guys can battle it out in the forums.) Anyway, the problem is that there is no oil refinery in Kozelsk; the nearest one is twenty kilometres away. Leo figures out that it was a missile silo. The intelligence guys can't confirm this yet, but point out that the Russians have twenty SS-19s in the quadrant and Keyhole has pictures of a column of smoke and emergency personnel on the ground. But there are no photographs of a burning structure, and there's no oil refinery in the area. POTUS leans forward and asks, "If a missile exploded, is it possible it was armed? Was there a warhead" Jack, the first intelligence guy, doesn't answer, but agrees to have a briefing ready in a half-hour. The intelligence guys leave, and Jed asks, "Did they think we weren't gonna see it, Leo?" Leo says, "It's a Cold War mentality." Jed says that if they asked, the U.S. could help. Leo: "I wouldn't wait for the phone to ring." Leo then listens dutifully Jed then wanders off into unsolicited oratory: "Galileo Galilei...he sat in a cathedral in Pisa and watched a lamp suspended from the ceiling as it oscillated back and forth. He used his pulse to keep time and discovered that the period of oscillation was independent of the size of the arc. Then a few years later he contradicted the theory that a heavier body falls faster than a lighter one, which took some guts back in 1609 when you consider that the theory he was contradicting was Aristotle's." Leo asks, "You want a broader theme for the classroom?" I'm getting lost in the non sequiturs here, but I just take another big bite of fresh Icelandic mink whale meat and I'm fine. Jed calls for Charlie and tells Leo, "I really do. Have Sam and C.J. come tonight." Leo tells Jed he'll be in his office. Charlie arrives with Mrs. L. in tow. Jed tells Charlie, "He contradicted Aristotle, Charlie." Charlie, dropping science with the best of them, adds, "He saw the rings on Saturn." Jed signs something for Mrs. L. and Charlie asks, "Did you need something, sir?" Jed asks, "What's next?" We can try to guess during the commercials.

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