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Situation Room. Jack tells POTUS and Leo that an SS-19 Stiletto intercontinental ballistic missile exploded in its silo, although the warhead did not detonate. Jed asks what Jack thinks happened. Jack reminds POTUS that every morning at his daily intelligence briefing, they tell him about the troubling state of the Russian military and this is just evidence. Jack thinks it was either a human or computer screw-up, and floats the theory that perhaps an early-warning system and the troops that run it mistook a flock of Norwegian geese for a bogey. POTUS asks, "Where are we with the Russian ambassador?" A woman tells him that she's still claiming it's an oil refinery fire. Jed tells Leo to see her as soon as her can get her in there. He thanks everybody and the meeting breaks up. Jed reads a note on a piece of paper he's been handed and looks grave. He hands the note to Leo. Leo asks a guy named Mike to have the President's NASA advisor come over. Mike asks if he can tell him why. Jed sadly says, "We lost the signal from Galileo." Jed leaves as the camera swings around to show us the computer screen warning of the communications failure.

Donna and Josh are arguing. Donna's saying it's just a stamp; Josh insists the U.S. has to remain neutral on the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico. Donna asserts that Puerto Rico is in the United States. Josh snipes, "Once again, thank you for that review of fifth-grade social studies, but I meant the federal government must remain..." Donna asserts that Puerto Rico is in the federal government. Josh says it's not; Donna counters that they send a Resident Commissioner to Congress. Josh points out, "Who can't vote, but that's beside the point." He says that the point is that putting Aquino's face on a stamp would be endorsing his advocacy of statehood, and they have to remain neutral. Donna says, "That's idiotic." Josh: "Oh, like it's the first time." Donna complains that they can't put his face on a stamp because he voiced an opinion, and names a bunch of other significant politicians who've supported the idea of statehood for Puerto Rico. She points out that without statehood, 3.8 million American citizens have been relegated to second-class status. She exclaims, "That's more people than Mississippi!" Josh says, "Mississippi's never minded being relegated to second-class status." Donna asks, "Oh, you're gonna make your little bigoted Mississippi jokes?" Josh: "Yes. I am." Donna wonders if no one is worried that is Puerto Rico is not given statehood, they're going to want independence. Josh says exactly no one is worried about that, and tells her why: "Because Puerto Rico is absolutely dependent on U.S. manufacturing, which contributes forty percent to the GDP and accounts for 24% of their workforce." Donna replies, "I don't care! People don't sit still for tyranny." Josh wants to know how there's tyranny. Donna explains that Puerto Ricans are forced to register for the draft but they can't vote. "They're expected to die for a Commander-in-Chief they had no voice in electing?" Word.

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