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Votes and Goats

Jed wanders into the Mural Room where Toby, Will, Josh, Leo, and other staffers are watching the vote. Jed says to the room, "Tough beat, everybody. Thanks for the work. Next time we let Josh do it the way he wants." Josh asks Jed if he's met Will; Jed says, "Bill Haley." Will: "Will Bailey." C.J. and Carol come in, and Jed asks, "When's this thing with the cow?" C.J.: "It's a goat, now." Jed's really calmed down, because he's all smiles about that. C.J. says they'll cancel it. Jed, hesitant: "You think?" C.J.: "A milking goat?" She's worried that it could seem like a parody of foreign aid. He doesn't know. He tells the room C.J. wants to cancel the goat picture. Jed says, "Half the world's people live on less than two dollars a day. One hundred and thirty million will never step inside a schoolhouse. Ingredients for bombs can be purchased at hardware stores and we've just given the Third World what the doctor ordered: rollbacks." He asks C.J.: "Heifer International: they give free cows and goats to people who need milk?" C.J. says yes. It's not just that, though. Having animals allows them to breed and raise more animals, and to sell the milk and meat and offspring and other products to create greater self-sufficiency. These programs, along with the innovative microloan programs offered by other charities, are very successful and provide a meaningful alternative to handouts, which only encourage cycles of poverty and dependence. If you are looking for a worthy charity to support, these organizations deserve your consideration. ["Right on. My parents sponsor a number of pigs through Heifer International every year as holiday gifts. No, not me and my brother." -- Sars] Jed states, "Well, I don't think we're in any position to be snotty. Let's do it. Let's do it right now." He goes off to get his jacket. Carol brings the goat in; it's right outside. C.J. tells Leo, Josh, Will, and Toby that she thinks it will work, that it says, "Well, you're impoverished, and while we don't care, we don't want you to go away empty-handed, so we offer you this goat, Ron, to give you milk." Will, who I guess has had the opportunity to get to know Ron a little better than everyone else -- or perhaps he's just going by the name -- wonders if male goats give milk. C.J. says that of course they don't. Okay, maybe Ron's just the poster goat. C.J. "So we offer you this thing that will just gnaw on your stuff." Jed returns, announcing, "I'm not standing in this picture alone. This was a total team failure. Stand where you want, but I want my Chief of Staff and my chief political advisor standing near the goat." They get into position, and Toby says, "Hang on a second," and takes the ID badge off an anonymous staffer. He walks over to the goat and puts it around his neck, saying, "Now, we're ready." Jed puts his arm around Josh, saying, "Let's go. Set that clock for ninety days." The camera flashes. Awww.

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