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Previously on The West Wing: I don't know, because by the time the local channel decided to stop simulcasting over NBC, which cause me to flip around madly to make sure I wasn't on the wrong station, I only barely got to see the title card.

It's 10:45 PM. Leo and Jordan get out of an elevator at the Rayburn House Office Building and walk into a meeting room, past some cops, where Cliff and another lawyer are waiting. We've seen the other lawyer before, at Leo's hearing, but I can't remember his name. Before even taking their coats off, Jordan wants to know what's with the police posted outside. Cliff says they're the Capitol Police, and that he didn't order them. He asks Jordan if she would prefer they went away. She indicates that she would prefer that, if Cliff is going to offer Leo a deal, there not be armed guards outside the door to intimidate him. Leo: "I'm not that easily intimidated." Jordan: "I am." Cliff explains that the Chairman assigned them there to ensure their privacy. Jordan tells Cliff to get them to wait at the end of the hall. Cliff gets the consent of the other lawyer, and then goes off to do that. Jordan and Leo sit down.

Cliff returns and announces that they've stepped to the other side of the hall. Jordan starts to say something, and Cliff interrupts to ask if she wants him to overpower them, too. Leo insists that he doesn't care if there are cops out there; he just wants them to come out with whatever it is they have to say. Cliff begins by pointing out that the discussion is off the record and no one is documenting it. Leo asks whether, by "discussion," Cliff means the whole meeting or just the discussion of the cops. Cliff means the whole thing. Finally, he comes out with the deal: they're willing to end the hearings completely, right now -- foregoing Leo's testimony, Abby's, and that of everyone remaining on the witness list -- in exchange for a Joint Resolution, HR 172. Jordan: "Censure." Cliff continues: "Condemning the President for lying." Leo interjects: "He didn't lie." Jordan hushes Leo, and Cliff carries on: "Condemning the President for lying to the American people." Leo starts arguing right away. Cliff indicates that the White House could not object and would have to welcome it, and would have to allow any Democrat who wishes to vote in favour of it. Leo says, "You keep saying 'the White House,' but you mean the President." Leo wants to know why they aren't talking to POTUS. Cliff replies that they think if the suggestion comes from Leo, it will carry more weight. Leo, clearly peeved, says, "Okay. Well, I'll just call the President and suggest to him that he allow a huge bipartisan vote on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives calling him a liar and that he welcome the result. Then, I'm going to flap my wings and fly to Neverland." Jordan tries to calm Leo down, but he continues, "You think I am so desperate to save my ass I'm going to roll over on Jed Bartlet?" Well, it wouldn't be a first in politics. Cliff tries to say something, but Leo firmly interjects, "I take a bullet for the President. He doesn't take one for me." Then he asks Cliff, "Is that all you got?" Cliff says it is. Leo says, "Good night," and leaves without Jordan. Once Leo has left, Jordan asks, "Can you give me some time?" Cliff says, "One day." Out in the hall, we see Leo strut into the camera as the credits come up. Yeah, Leo's da man. Even if he is too good to be true.

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