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At the Law Library, Donna finds Cliff. He thanks her and explains that he needs her to set up a meeting for him and Josh. It can be on the phone, but it has to happen right away. She asks if that's why his office has been calling all day. He says he and Donna wouldn't be at the library if she had returned the calls. She says, "I return the calls Josh tells me to." They find seats. He says he needs to talk to Josh and can't tell her why. She claims she can't, and that she can't let Josh know she spoke to Cliff. Then what are you doing there? Cliff says there's no jeopardy here. Well, all the secrecy probably isn't going to help convince her of that. She says she'd be going behind the backs of the people in Counsel's Office, Legislative Affairs.... Cliff claims to be trying to help Leo. Donna skeptically asks, "Since when are you in the business of trying to help Leo McGarry?" Suddenly, she puts the pieces together and figures out that Cliff is the one who got the recess called. He tries to deny it and cover it up. Donna asks what was about to happen. He can't tell her. She knows it was him, and gets a bit gooshy for a moment thinking about what a swell guy Cliff really is. She announces, "I'm leaving now. Wait by your phone."

Swanky hotel bar. Amy is slouched in a chair. She's wearing an off-the-shoulder, somewhat low-cut black velvet gown and a sparkly necklace. Her hair is loose and straight. Josh arrives and asks how the ballet was. She says it was wonderful, but doesn't tell him which one it was. She asks if he knows ballet. He says he knows The Nutcracker, but he's never seen a ballet. What about all that stuff about wanting to be a ballerina, Josh? You should tell Amy that. She'll no doubt be impressed to hear that you're not limited by sexual stereotyping in your occupational choices. Amy says there are others. Josh replies, "But I should start with The Nutcracker, right?" Amy: "You don't like the ballet." He admits it. She says, "And you've reached that conclusion without ever having been to one." Well, much like you have formed all your opinions about prostitution without apparently ever having talked to the many sex-trade workers who actually freely choose to do the work. Josh responds, "I've never been to Bosnia, either, Amy, but I don't think I'm gonna go." Amy, flirtatiously: "You don't mind sending Marines, though, do you?" Josh: "Not a bit."

An attractive waiter comes over and asks for Josh's drink order. She's tall, blonde, slender, and dressed in a low-cut, tight, black dress. She leans down toward Josh, who is sitting. Josh orders an Absolut martini on the rocks with two olives. Amy asks, "What do you want, J?" Josh tells her that paid family leave isn't going to happen, at least not this year. Amy sips her drink through a straw and says she knows all that. Josh keeps telling her they can't go for it, and Amy, confused, informs him that her organization's lobbyist asked the government not to go for it. She's bemused, already having more or less figured out that this meeting can't really be about paid family leave. Josh asks, in a way that attempts to be casual but comes across as much more strained than that, "Who was the date?" She says it's the guy she's been seeing. Josh: "And he likes the ballet?" Amy replies, "He likes me." Josh: "I think he likes the ballet." Amy wants to know what that's supposed to mean.

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