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The waiter arrives with Josh's drink, and leans down in front of Josh to put down the glass and the napkin. As she does, Josh says, "Thank you. And thank you for the extra olive." The waiter says "sure" as she walks away. She's pretty indifferent to Josh; I wouldn't say she was flirting with him at all. She's just exhibiting the normal pleasantness and agreeableness expected of those in the hospitality industry. Josh kind of watches after her as she leaves, but not in a leering way. Amy sarcastically says, mimicking the waiter's inflection, "'Sure.' That's your type, isn't it?" Josh: "Won't catch her at the ballet." Amy: "Or at a library, either." Hey, stereotype much? Holy cow. ["Seriously. Nice feminism, hypocrite." -- Wing Chun] Josh claims that the waiter seems smart to him. He asks Amy how she can be blasé about this: "The United States is one of only six other countries out of 152 that has no national policy regarding paid maternal leave." Amy: "Neither does Papua New Guinea, so we're fine." Huh? She wants to know why Josh is talking to her about this. He announces that money has been put aside for a study. She thinks that's great. He presses on: "The thing is -- and here's the bad news -- you guys wanted twenty-one million?" Amy: "Yeah?" Josh: "It's going to be $20,500,000." He pauses to wait for her reaction and states, "You want to take my head off, go ahead." Amy asks, "What the hell's going on?" Josh declares that things are tight all over. Amy asks, "Is it possible that you are so addled that you've constructed some nonsense problem so that you'd have an excuse to see me?" Josh is surprised and embarrassed to have been caught out, and several expressions pass over his face as he says, "I mean, is it, is it possible? I suppose...." Amy says she doesn't believe him. Josh points out she threw a water balloon at him. Amy: "And?" Josh: "I don't know, I was just throwing that out there." Amy: "Look..." Josh: "Like there's not a reason you're here right now?" Amy claims to be there because she thought there was a problem. I can't decide whether I believe her. Josh: "All I know is, you're here, I'm here, and Nijinsky's home watching Leno." Amy snipes, "By all means, make fun of my boyfriend, seeing as you've never met him." Josh seems surprised to hear the guy referred to as her boyfriend.

Amy inquires: "Why can't you pick up the phone and say, 'Would you like to go out sometime?' Why? I'll tell you why." Josh: "Do you need me in this conversation, or are you okay by yourself?" Amy continues: "Because this is what you like: this. Not anything else. This is the fun part." If he really thinks that, then it really has been too long since Josh has been with someone. Josh denies it. Amy insists, "Yes, it is. We're not in the dorm anymore. I get paid a lot of money to do an important job and I'm not into getting diddled around by guys like you." But you would be if you made less money? Josh claims that's the fifth time she's said "guys like you." She says it's not. He then claims it's the second time, which she cops to. He asks, "What's with guys like me?" Amy explains, "If this thing went five minutes longer than you wanted it to, you'd run for the hills. You're hit-and-run, Josh." Josh denies it. His cell phone rings. He excuses himself, answers it, hears that it's Donna, and tries to put her off. He listens for a moment and asks, "What were you doing talking to...Okay, tell him 'yeah.'" He hangs up and tells Amy he has to go. She says, "Yes, indeed." He apologizes and says that he can't tell her why. He puts some money on a nearby table, and repeats that he has to go. Her expression is one of peeved disappointment as she watches him walk out.

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