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Back at the White House, Jed's still working at his desk when Charlie asks if he can see Sam. When Sam enters, Jed comments, "Everyone's working late." Sam says, "I live here in January." Because of the State of the Union, I presume. ["Or maybe the threatened eighteen inches of snow." -- Wing Chun] Jed asks Sam how it's going; Sam thinks it's going okay, but doesn't really seem to know and doesn't want to talk about that, anyway. Sam mentions the book. Jed replies, "I heard. Look, I'm really not going to talk to you about my underwear." Sam: "That's...disappointing, Mr. President. But I wanted to ask you: the guy claims that, while you don't poll on matters of foreign policy, that at the first formal meeting of the Joint Chiefs, you upbraided them for bloated Pentagon spending and told them that 73% of the public was with you on it. I don't remember any such poll being done, do you?" Jed doesn't remember it, but points out that doesn't mean it wasn't. Sam asks whether Jed remembers saying anything like that at the meeting. Jed doesn't. Sam wonders whether Jed could have said anything like that; Jed doesn't even remember the meeting. Sam thanks him and starts to leave. Jed off-handedly asks, as Sam's walking out, "Why does it matter?" Sam replies, "Well, 'cause I don't think it's such a good idea to be casual about the truth." Jed, looking over his glasses at Sam: "Neither do I." Sam thanks him and leaves. The camera rests on Jed at his desk, surrounded by paperwork, reflecting on what Sam said.

After more commercials, Josh arrives at the White House. It's now five minutes after midnight on Tuesday morning. He finds Leo alone in the Mess. Josh asks him what he's doing down there; Leo claims, "Change of scenery. What are you doing?" Josh says he'd like to talk to Leo about the deal he was offered. Leo looks at him for a moment, finally saying, "Please, keep your voice down." As they sit down, Josh says, "There's nobody here, and my voice is down." Leo wants to know whom Josh has been talking to. When Leo finds out it was Cliff, he wants to know how Josh got hooked up with him. Josh says it doesn't matter. Leo says it does. Josh says, "I'm not pushing you, okay? I just want to hear your reasons." Leo wants to hear Josh's reasons. Josh lists them: "Gets it over and done, instead of dragging it through the primary season. Moreover, you don't take the stand on Monday." Leo says it's ridiculous to think that this would end it: "All it means is that we'll go down in history." Josh counters, "It's a press release." Leo pulls out an anecdote: "When the British ambassador told the German foreign minister that they were going to war over Belgium's violation of the neutrality treaty, the German foreign minister said, 'You're going to war over a piece of paper?' It is an historical judgement. Andrew Jackson knew that." Josh: "Jackson was censured?" Leo: "Over the Bank of the U.S." Josh replies, "Guess what? I didn't know that." Leo asks, "What's your point?" Josh argues, "History forgets these things." Leo: "Presidents don't. They never get over it. This one...won't. He'd act like it's fine, but...he'd never get over it." Well, that might just be Jed's cross to bear. Leo concludes, "So...that's my reason." Josh knows he can't argue with Leo's friendship and loyalty. He leaves, and Leo goes back to whatever he was working on.

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