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Fall With Grace

As Jed and Leo walk out onto the portico, Jed says, "He was censured in '34; he got it expunged in '36." Leo allows: "Good point." Jed lights a cigarette. Sigh. And here I was, all ready to take him back. Leo remarks that it's not that cold out. Jed: "No. Let me ask you something. You may be the last sane voice around here...." Leo interrupts to say, "Hang on, before I forget: that map that Charlie gave you...make sure you don't put it where people can see it." Jed groans, "I don't believe this...." Leo says, "Recognizing Israel's a pretty hot button, wouldn't you say?" Jed: "In Lebanon. Not here." They sit on a wrought-iron bench looking out at the sky. Jed continues, "It's not like I was thinking, 'God, I was gonna recognize Israel, but now that I've seen this map....' You know what? Let's just sit here quietly." Leo: "Yes, sir." Jed's and Leo's friendship has to be one of the deepest portrayals of male friendship I've ever seen anywhere. The camera stays on the two of them sitting there in silence as we hear a voice-over from the Speaker of the House: "'Would the Secretary read House Concurrent Resolution 172?' 'Whereas, in his conduct of the Office of the President of the United States, Josiah Bartlet has engaged in a course of deceitful and dishonest conduct designed to impede and deny the disclosure of vital matters of public concern, the United States Congress hereby condemns him for acting in a manner contrary to his trust as President to the great prejudice of the cause of justice and to the manifest injury of the American people.'"

"When the fall is all that's left, it matters a great deal."

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