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Josh shuts the door as he announces, "Well, I'm a straight shooter. I think my record's pretty clear on that. I'd like to see her again." So? I've seen you dial a phone, dude. What's stopping you? Toby: "Call her." Josh: "And ask her out?" No, find out if she has Prince Albert in a can. Josh rejects that idea: "Because there's a potential she says no and then I have to move someplace where it'll never be spoken of again." Toby more or less acknowledges this. Josh confidently asserts that he needs to come in "under the cover of business." Toby, deadpan: "'Cause you're a straight shooter." Josh: "Yeah! I need a point of friction. An issue where the feministas and the White House disagree. That way, I can go to her, break the bad news, stand tough, smooth it over, and then, you know, I take it from there." That's one hell of a...plan. Or something. Toby (God love him): "How about the word 'feministas'?" I tell you, if I wasn't already happily married, and Toby didn't have that nasty cigar habit.... Josh says that Toby's been doing outreach to women's groups in preparation for the State of the Union, and thinks that he must know of some issue on which said "feministas" are unhappy. Toby says they're very happy with everything that's going on. Wow. Talk about wish fulfillment. In the history of American feminism, has there ever been a time when its adherents were all content with the actions of the American government? But, this is The West Wing, so I guess anything is possible. Josh is dismayed to hear this and gripes, "Damn. Where the hell are the pro-lifers when you need them?" (Psst, Josh: I bet you can find a few of them harassing women outside abortion clinics if you're really stuck.) Toby: "Sons of bitches. Don't they know you're trying to get..." Josh quickly interjects: "Hey, this is not that. She's got...I really...I'm bewitched. I'm...ensorcelled." Despite his incredible immaturity he's quite adorable delivering these lines. Also, ensorcelled is a perfectly cromulent word. No, seriously. Points for Josh for knowing a relatively obscure word and using it correctly in a sentence.

Josh insists, "There's gotta be some way we're screwing them over." Well, keep a good thought. Toby ponders a bit and suggests the anti-family planning amendment on some guy's foreign ops supplement, but Josh points out it was killed in Committee. Toby: "Pay Equity Act?" Josh: "They're the ones who want to wait." They are? Toby suggests Medicare-funded breast-cancer screenings. Josh says they're fully funded and asks about paid family leave. Toby says, "They know it's a dream. They don't want us to waste the capital." Josh objects, "We can't just compromise like that!" Toby: "They want us to compromise, like that." Josh replies, "They should be outraged!" Toby says they're not, and that they just want funding for a study. Josh asks how much; Toby says they're getting almost everything they asked for. Josh sees a glimmer of hope: "'Almost'?" Toby says they wanted twenty-one million and what they're getting is only $500,000 short of that. Josh: "Well, that's practically an insult." Toby looks at Josh as a flash of amusement passes over his face and says, "Yeah."

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