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Josh is all pleased now that he's got some ruse around which to build his latest pathetic attempt to interact with an interesting woman in an adult way. He starts to leave, and Toby follows him out into the hall to ask about something else. Toby pulls him aside and quietly asks, "You're inside, right?" Josh: "On what?" Toby says nothing but just looks at Josh meaningfully until Josh asks, "Leo?" Toby mentions the nervousness Josh and Jed exhibited before Leo took the stand, and the fact that a recess was suddenly called. Toby says, "I don't know what was going on...that's okay, that's the way somebody wants it...but you're inside, right?" Josh admits that he is. Toby's glad to hear it, and says, "If it's something Communications is going to have to work with...." Josh says the lawyers are working on it. Toby says, "When I have to know, I will." Josh agrees. There's a weird feeling between them; I think Josh is incredibly uncomfortable being in any loop that his closest friends and colleagues are not also in. But they part on a lighter note: Toby says, "Paid family leave," referring to Josh's plan, and Josh goes away smiling to himself.

POTUS walks out of his office and up to Charlie's desk. He asks Charlie how his weekend was, and what he did. Charlie reminds Jed that he spent most of it at work with him. Jed: "Time well spent." But Charlie says he also managed to go to a flea market, and got something for Jed. Jed says Charlie didn't have to do that, but you just know he's tickled. Charlie pulls out a big, rolled-up piece of paper, and unrolls it, saying, "It's a map of the Holy Land that was drawn in 1709. It's titled 'Canaan, Palestine, or The Holy Land.'" I want to know the name and address of any flea market selling three-hundred-year-old maps for prices a guy on Charlie's salary (and with Charlie's legal bills) can afford, because I've got a lot of furniture and tchotchkes to buy for this house of mine, and I need all the breaks I can get. Maybe Charlie got a little creative with the White House colour copier. Also: is it the normal procedure to roll up a map that ostensibly valuable? I don't believe it's real good for the paper, although it's certainly better than folding. Jed is impressed and says, "Nice sucking up!" Indeed. Charlie: "Thank you, sir." Jed: "Look at these topographical details." He's excited, and says he's going to have it framed. Charlie suggests that Jed leave it there, and he'll send it out. Jed's not ready to leave it yet; he wants to "play with it some more." Leo arrives and Jed proudly shows Leo the map. Leo says it's beautiful. Jed asks if Leo wants to come into his office; he does.

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