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Fall With Grace

Jed thanks Charlie again, and he and Leo go into the Oval Office as Jed rolls up the map. Jed asks how Leo's meeting went last night, and Leo says it was nothing. Jed wants to know what they offered. Leo says it was nothing. Jed says, "They didn't offer 'nothing.'" Leo insists, "It was a non-starter. Don't worry about it." Jed: "Censure?" Leo: "Yeah." He starts mentioning some meetings he has to go to as Jed looks slightly sadder. Jed says he's got a security briefing to go to, and Leo asks if there's anything else. There isn't.

Leo leaves and wanders into his office, where he finds Jordan waiting for him. She says, "Hi. Remember me?" Leo yells for Margaret. Jordan continues, "I was the one with you last night when you went to the meeting." Leo says, "Yes." Jordan: "When you left the meeting, I was not with you." Margaret comes in, and Leo asks, "Is it just an open house in here?" Margaret defensively says, "The whole system's gotten out of hand!" Leo says, "Yeah." Margaret throws Jordan an annoyed glance and leaves, closing the door behind her. Between Jenny, Mallory, Margaret, and Jordan, could this man be any more surrounded by redheads? Wasn't that Russian ambassador who hit on him a redhead? Jordan mildly says, "You left without me." Leo explains, "Well, if you're going to make a strong exit, you really can't wait for someone to get their purse together." Jordan says, "How long does it take to get a purse together?" Leo: "A question I've been asking my entire adult life." Jordan says: "It's a non-binding resolution. Do you know what that means?" Leo: "No. Could you tell me, 'cause I've really started to take an interest in government lately." Snerk. Jordan insists that the resolution would not have any force and effect; none whatsoever. She then reads him some examples of non-binding Joint Resolutions from the 106th Congress, which include a resolution in support of Ohio's state motto; one fostering friendship and cooperation with the people of Mongolia; one recognizing the contributions of Bristol, Tennessee to the development of country music; and one in support of Little League baseball. Also one stating that Allison Janney kicks more ass before breakfast than most of us will in our entire lifetimes. No, just kidding about the last one. Throughout all this, Leo keeps saying he has a meeting. Finally, he says, "This isn't that! This is 535 Congressmen and Senators standing up and saying, 'The President lied and should be ashamed of himself.' And this is us, standing up and saying, 'You're right.' This would be the first time in history a President has been censured. Congress isn't talk radio. It's the seat of democracy, their opinion matters, and their condemnation doesn't have to come with handcuffs to be devastating to this President. That is the force and effect, and it's not gonna happen 'cause of me." He walks out, saying, "I have a budget meeting, Jordan." She says nothing as she watches him go. And we're at the first commercial break already.

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