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Fall With Grace

Sam finds Toby in the Mess, reading the newspaper. He asks Toby how he's doing with the chapters he was assigned; Toby says he's done and he's fine with them. He gathers up his things and walks out as Sam follows him, asking, "What do you mean?" Toby repeats that he's fine with it, and Sam asks, "You're saying it's all true?" Toby says hardly any of it is true. Sam says, "Then it's not true." Toby replies, "Well, my name is Toby Ziegler and I'm the Communications Director, though there's a typo in 'Communications' at one point. Perhaps -- perhaps -- perhaps I mumble from time to time." Bwah! "But 'prickly'? I do not think so." He chortles a bit, adding, "Nonetheless. I'm fine with it." Sam insists that he needs a fact/fiction paper. Toby says he really would rather not have one over his signature. Sam says the clock is ticking: "It has to get discredited before it's real." Why is this primarily Sam's problem? Wouldn't this fall more to C.J. and her staff? ["I guess we find out the answer to that one later in the episode." -- Wing Chun] Toby says that he remembers the author of this book as a "not very talented, not very pleasant malcontent who wasn't here very long," and wonders if he's remembering the right guy. Sam says he is. Toby states, "Yeah, well, I don't want him to know I remember him at all." Sam says, "That's nice. Now if we can only get 200 million other people to think that way." Sam claims that "conventional wisdom in Washington is like concrete: it hardens. There's nothing you can do about it." Toby asks if there's anything in particular in Toby's chapters that's bothering Sam. In fact, there is: Sam is annoyed about a claim that he and Toby were sent out of the Oval Office to write an introduction for a Teacher of the Year ceremony while others stayed for a serious discussion on Latin America. And what actually happened, according to Sam, is that he and Toby left to write a major education address instead of hanging around while White House operators attempted to connect POTUS with the President of Ecuador, the latter of whom was calling to complain about the resolution of some banana crisis. Toby is straightening up his previously loosened tie as he listens to all of this, and Sam concludes, "We weren't sent out of the room! Will you put that down in a memo?" Toby softly says, "Yeah," and privately wonders exactly what it is that's eating Sam so fiercely.

Sam takes off, and Toby goes over to the Oval Office, where Charlie tells him that Jed will be ready for him in just a minute. Toby perches on the edge of Mrs. Landingham's desk; after a moment's hesitation, he asks Charlie, "On Carol's birthday, did you happen to attend a séance where they tried to contact Margaret's grandmother?" Charlie gives him just the sort of look you'd expect. ["You think? I thought he looked a tiny bit guilty. Also, aw! Charlie goes to birthday parties with the other assistants!" -- Wing Chun] Toby says, "No, right?" Jed buzzes Charlie to let him know Toby can come in. Charlie gives Toby another weird look as Toby goes into the Oval Office.

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