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Fall With Grace

There are a bunch of people in the Oval Office with Jed. He greets Toby, "There seems to be a growing consensus that no one's going to believe I'm serious about paying down a trillion dollars of the debt when I'm willing to spend $200 billion on the child poverty fund." Toby says he agrees with the growing consensus. Jed replies, "I'm not saying we're not going to do it. We're just going to find a different way of saying we're going to do it." Toby says, "We're on it."

Jed dismisses the meeting, and everyone but Toby leaves. Jed asks what's going on. Toby tells him about having the galleys of this kiss-and-tell book. Jed asks, "Fiction or non-fiction?" Toby replies, "Science fiction, really." Jed asks, "What else?" Toby says that everything else has to do with the State of the Union. Jed shows Toby his map, which is laid out on his desk and weighted down at each corner with one of the many crystal paperweights that are usually on his desk; Jed mentions that it's hand-coloured and copper-engraved. I'm still thinking this map has to have gone for a pretty penny. Jed says he's going to hang it in the outer office. Toby says no. Jed asks why. Toby says that some people are going to find it offensive, because it doesn't recognize Israel. Jed points out, "It was drawn in 1709. There was no Israel. Israel wouldn't happen for another 250 years." Well, never let the facts get in the way of some good umbrage, I always say. Toby knows all that. Jed asks, "So what's the problem with the map?" Toby: "Some people are going to find it offensive." Jed: "Why?" Toby: "It doesn't recognize Israel." Me: "How many times are we going to have to do this?" ["Me: 'Aren't there any less boring ways to pad out an hour?'" -- Wing Chun] Jed tells Toby to get lunch. As Toby leaves, he tells Jed, "Your favourite movie was on TV last night." Jed recites: "'By God, I'm fifty, alive, and a king, all at the same time.'" He's referring to The Lion in Winter. Toby says he turned it on just as they got to the scene when Richard, Geoffrey, and John are locked in the dungeon and Henry is coming down to execute them. Wait, Toby was at home? With time to watch television? Hmm. Wait, during the preparation for the State of the Union? Well, maybe he was watching in his office. That seems more likely. Toby continues, "Richard tells his brothers not to cower, but to take it like men, and Geoffrey says, 'You fool! As if it matters how a man falls down!' And Richard says..." And here Jed starts quoting the line along with Toby, "'When the fall is all that's left...'" And then Toby stops speaking and Jed finishes, "'It matters a great deal.'" Toby repeats, "'It matters a great deal.'" He smiles a wee bit. Jed asks, "You trying to tell me something?" Toby says, "No, Mr. President, of course not." Jed looks like he doesn't believe it, but says, "Okay." Toby leaves. He may not be inside, but he sure seems to know what's going on anyway.

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