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We see Donna hustling back to her cubicle as the phone rings. Josh is propped up against a filing cabinet in the background doing...well, doing nothing, as far as I can tell. Donna answers the phone and says, "Hi, Amy! It's Donna Moss." As soon as Josh hears that, he takes a couple of big strides toward his office saying, as he passes Donna, "I'll take it! I'll take it. That's for me." Donna: "Yeah, I'm not sure if he's in, Amy, let me check." Josh whispers, "Press 'hold,' and I will pick up the phone in my office." Donna covers the mouthpiece and says, "I'm sorry, how does the telephone work again?" Josh bangs the desk or the door frame or something -- I can't see exactly what -- in irritation, and glares at Donna. Donna tells Amy to hang on. Josh quickly skips into his office as Donna smirks to herself.

Josh picks up the phone. Amy says that her office told her Josh called. We see her on an exercycle of some sort at a gym, pedalling furiously and slurping water. The background noise prompts Josh to ask, "Are you wrestling with someone right now? You in the middle of a match or something?" She says she's at the gym. He says she spends a lot of time at the gym, compared to him, and adds that they need to talk about something. She asks, "What's that?" Josh doesn't say anything for so long that Amy prompts him, "Josh?" He looks almost as if he's slipped into a trance, then quickly pulls himself together and spits out, "Paid family leave." To try to cover, he says, "Sorry, there was a dog in here for a second." Oh, good story, man. Amy, confused: "A dog?" Josh: "A nice one. It was...okay." Amy wants to know what he wants to say about paid family leave. He says he would like to talk in person, and asks if there's any chance she can get together with him. She asks if he can have a late drink tonight, and he says, "Yes, as late as you like." She suggests meeting at the Ritz-Carlton at 11:00 PM, following a date to the ballet she has to attend. Josh says he doesn't want to bust up her date, and you can tell he's simultaneously chagrined to find out she has a date, but pleased to learn she is also willing to blow the guy off for an eleven o'clock meeting with Josh. They confirm it and hang up.

We see Leo return to his office and collect his messages from Margaret, who tells him she's moving a four o'clock meeting with Treasury, that they're expecting eighteen inches of snow by morning (in Washington? Does that happen much?), and that Jordan Kendall is still in his office. So basically, Leo's paying her several hundred dollars an hour to hang around his office while he is unavailable for consultation. Or something like that. I want a gig like that.

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