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Fall With Grace

As Leo enters, Jordan doesn't say hello but continues reading off examples of trivial resolutions. Leo yells for Margaret. Jordan says, "I'm sorry. Was our meeting over?" Margaret appears, and Leo tells her to close the door. She does, and Jordan says, "A resolution remembering the life of George Washington. 'Cause there was a chance we were gonna forget who he was. 'What's that tall thing at the end of the Mall?' 'I don't know. A monument to somebody?' 'Where are we again?'" Leo tries to say something, but Jordan's not going to be deterred this time: "No. The opinion of Congress matters? Yes. And they're rattling it off every day on television." Leo: "It's not the opinion...." Jordan: "Your reputation is saved --" Leo: "My reputation isn't --" Jordan: "He put you on the hot seat. This is not your thing!" Leo, vehement: "It is my thing, and I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to talk like that in here." Jordan: "I wasn't seeking your permission! You need to get --" Leo firmly replies, "You need to get that I am the White House Chief of Staff." Jordan asks, "And how much longer do you think you're going to be able to keep that job if you tell the story they're going to make you tell? Play the tape through to the end, Leo!" She has a point. Leo insists that it's not his decision. Jordan thinks it is: "In fact, I know it. And you know it, too." She says she has a meeting, and gets up to leave, gently putting her hand on Leo's shoulder as she walks past him. The camera moves around so that we see the framed napkin reading "Bartlet for America" sitting upright in a holder on Leo's desk. Leo's out of focus in the background, leaning back in his chair, his hand fidgeting slightly.

After the commercials, Carol comes by Donna's desk; Donna asks why she's still there. Carol says that C.J.'s there. Donna asks, "The book?" Carol confirms it. Donna wonders whether Carol knows if it's started snowing yet. Carol says it hasn't. Donna wonders how there's supposed to be eighteen inches by the morning if it hasn't started yet. Carol replies, "Accumulates by a magnitude, does a thing, I don't know." "Accumulates by a magnitude"? Is that something real? I'll have to ask Frink. Donna calls out for Josh, saying he wanted her to let him know when it was 10:45 PM. He breezes out with his coat on, saying, "See ya." Donna says, "I'll get home fine..." He comes back and asks what the problem is. She says, "It's not fit for man nor beast out there." Well, then we're okay, 'cause Josh is basically a boy. Josh asks whether it's started snowing. You know, last I checked, this building was outfitted with windows. Real ones -- the kind you can look out of and see the world. (As a favourite .sig file once advised: "Go outside. The graphics are amazing.") Donna informs him, "It accumulates by a magnitude." As he leaves again, the phone rings, and Donna asks, "You want this?" He says he doesn't. She answers. It's for her, anyway: it's Clifford, the Big Red Dog. No, it's just plain old Cliff Calley. He says he needs her to meet him right now, and that no one else must know about it. She wants to know why. He says it's not social. She refuses. He says there's nothing illegal about it. She wonders how she's supposed to know that. He says he's a lawyer. She replies, "You're not my lawyer." Well, apparently she's learned something from all this. But you just know she'll go. He says he'll be at the Georgetown Law Library in the federal case law section in twenty minutes. She says, "Cliff, I'm a senior assistant; this is way over my head and it doesn't feel right. I can't go Deep Throating in the middle..." She notices he doesn't seem to be there anymore. She tries to elicit a response, but there's no answer, and she hangs up, distressed.

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